Wonderla Bangalore: How to Reach, Ticket Price, Timings and Rides

Wonderla Bangalore
Are you feeling stuck in your life? Has your life become bland and boring with the three R’s of adulthood – Rut, Routine, and Robotic? If you are lost in the mundane cycle of waking up, eating, going to work, working more, even working at home, eating, sleeping, and repeat then you just need to stop right there and take a break. And not just Kit-Kat break, you need a Wonderla break! After all, what can be a better way of finding the child inside you other than stomach-dropping rides and a water park?

Check here quick list of wonderla Bangalore Ticket Price, Timings, Rides and How to Reach

  • How to Reach Wonderla
  • Wonderla Bangalore Land Rides
  • Wonderla Bangalore High Thrill Rides
  • Wonderla Bangalore Water Rides
  • Wonderla Bangalore Kids Rides
  • Wonderla Bangalore Ticket Price
  • Wonderla Bangalore Timings
  • Important Tips to Keep the Fun Going at Wonderla
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    Amusement Park is the best place to experience joy and fear at the same time and Wonderla Amusement Park is one of the finest of all in India. With its trail in three towns of the country – Kochi, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad, Wonderla attracts people of all age groups, especially youth.


    Wonderla is not just an Amusement Park rather it’s an amazement park serving as an ultimate source of heart pounding. Out of three, Bengaluru Park scores some extra brownie points due to the additional number of high thrill rides. In this blog, you will get all the necessary information regarding Wonderla Bangalore Ticket Price, Timings, water rides, and many more.

    #How to Reach Wonderla

    Located on the outskirts of Bangalore, reaching Wonderla Amusement Park is a bit tricky but worth all your efforts. Wonderla Amusement Park is established on Mysore Road and road transportation is the most convenient way to reach there. The distance of around 63 km between Bangalore International Airport and Wonderla Amusement Park can be covered by both – private transport and KSRTC. Also, several BMTC buses run to Wonderla and you can board a bus from Majestic Koramangala, HSR, and ITLP. You can always hire a private cab but this would be a costlier affair and you will miss the scheme as well. Book bus tickets from Hyderabad to Bangalore here.


    Wonderla has crafted an exclusive deal for its Bengaluru visitors. If a visitor reaches Wonderla Bengaluru Park by boarding a BMTCs air-conditioning Volvo bus or KSRTC bus, the visitor is eligible to get 10% off on park tickets. Click here to book a KSRTC bus ticket online.

    #Wonderla Types of Rides
    Wonderla is a place for all with various types of rides to keep you jumping with joy the entire day. Whether you are looking for a high thrill ride to make your heart pounding or just want to have a lazy day in the middle of the pool – Wonderla has it all! Let’s start exploring

  • Wonderla Bangalore Land Rides
  • how to reach Wonderla Bangalore

    Ones who are not much fond of water rides can enjoy an abundance of land rides at Wonderla. The state-of-the-art technology used in these rides make them completely safe and add the desired amount of thrill. There are so many options – Techno Jump, Dungeon Ride, Hang Glider, Pirate Ship, etc. You can also have fun family entertainment at Adventures of Chiku – a cinematic experience where the surroundings and motions will make you feel that you are a part of the film in reality. You can also revel in a spooky encounter at the Dungeon Ride filled with shrieking sounds and… Sssshhhh… dare to find yourself and be prepared to have cold feet.

  • Wonderla Bangalore High Thrill Rides
  • Wonderla Bangalore rides
    A warning for the ones who can’t bear head spinning and revolving – buddy, stay away! If you are still reading this section then you really have some adventure flames inside you and at Wonderla you can satisfy your thirst for the thrill. Start your ride with Recoil – it’s not just a rollercoaster, it’s a reverse rollercoaster. You can experience gravity at Free Fall of 40 meters, twists and spins at Equinox, lose your sanity at Insanity, scream with a thrill at Y-SCREAM, and much more.

  • Wonderla Bangalore Water Rides
  • Wonderla Bangalore Water Rides
    After all the head-spinning rides, it’s time to SPLASH!!! Your trip to Wonderla is incomplete without enduring the water rides. One of the most daunting water slide – Vertical Fall – which is like sliding from a six-storey building, is worth undergoing. Some of the other thrilling water rides that you shouldn’t miss are Boomerang, Harakiri, Fun Racers, Uphill Racers, Water Pendulum, Twisters, and Banded Kraits. Along with this you can enjoy the beats at Rain Disco or be a couch potato at the lazy pool. And then comes the wave pools to experience artificial waves.

  • Wonderla Bangalore Kids Rides
  • Wonderla Bangalore Kids Rides
    As stated above, Wonderla is a place for all. The big slides are not ideal for your little ones. To provide a gala time to your kids, Wonderla incorporates gentle and safe rides that would make your munchkins smile. Some of the attractions in this section are Mini Venice, Kiddies Wheel, Merry Ghost, Mini Express, Moon Walker, Jumping Frog, Funky Monkey, Flying Jumbo, Carousel, Convoy, and Lion Swing.

    #Wonderla Bangalore Ticket Price

    Till now you must be fascinated and working on a budget for your Wonderla Bangalore trip. Let us make this task easy for you with Wonderla Ticket Price. The tickets at Wonderla Bangalore Park have been categorized under two categories – Normal Ticket and Fastrack Ticket.
    Wonderla Bangalore Ticket Price
    What is the difference between Normal Ticket and Fastrack Ticket at Wonderla Bangalore Park?
    As the name suggests, Fastrack Ticket will put you on a fast track which means you can avoid a long queue (if any) with a Fastrack ticket.

    #Wonderla Bangalore Timings
    The next important thing in planning a successful and funfilled trip to Wonderla Bangalore Park is ascertaining the opening and closing timing. Look at the table below –

    Wonderla Bangalore Timings

    #Important Tips to Keep the Fun Going at Wonderla

    We know that you must be all excited to visit Wonderla Bangalore. But before packing your bags go through these pro tips to keep fun going at Wonderla. Take a look!
    For your Skin – Carry a good Sunscreen (SPF 15 is recommended) to protect your skin from tanning. As bleach powder is used in swimming pools and you would be out in open, you need to take little extra care of your skin.
    For your body – The spinning rides and all the screaming can make you feel exhausted. So keep on drinking loads of water and keep your body hydrated.
    Clothing Directions – You must be wearing synthetic or nylon clothes. If you can’t carry an extra pair of clothing then you can buy a set from Wonderla itself.

    Get ready to escape mundane boredom with a series of rides at Wonderla. From free-fall rides to twisters and roller coasters to bumper cars, there are a variety of rides available for every kind of adventure enthusiast. Let the traveling begin!

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