Why You Should Visit Goa During the Monsoon

Why You should visit Goa during the monsoonGoa, as a destination, keeps popping up for all kinds of holidays……whether summer, winter, adventure or monsoons! And that’s because Goa is a fun destination and a complete package of entertainment in itself. With the monsoons on in full splendour, one may well wonder “Why Goa during the rains?

So here are several reasons why you must bask in Goa’s Monsoon Glory !


1. Bright and sunny Goa turns into an amazing green with different hues of the pleasant, eye-soothing colour popping up every few feet, in the form of beautiful palm groves, thick, large cashew trees and several other trees wherever your eyes can settle.

2. This is just the most ideal weather to stroll along the near-empty beach-side or quiet peaceful lanes of Goa and let the cool wind blow in your face or the drizzling rain trickle down your cheeks. And there could be nothing better than  snacking on hot, roasted corn or sipping on some piping hot tea/ coffee while you enjoy the pitter-patter of the rain. Since on a holiday at this idyllic destination,  enjoying a nice, long, cozy snooze in this weather is just another perk.

3. An awesome activity to indulge in during this season in Goa, is visiting the full-bodied, gushing, cascading waterfalls in and around this destination. But nothing can beat the wonderful, glorious Dudhsagar Falls in their full glory during the rains. The sight of the mighty falls pounding down from that height is truly mesmerizing and not to be missed.

4. Visiting the Wildlife Sanctuaries of Goa during this season would be another exciting activity that should not be left out. The thick green foliage, fresh, clean and crisp after being washed clean of the dust is not only inviting but refreshing and rejuvenating. One could get lucky and spot some wildlife, especially some tigers if visiting the famous Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. The other wildlife sanctuaries worth a visit are the Mollem National Park, the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary and the Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary.

5. Goa, during the monsoons, takes on a different kind of revelry. This is the duration, when several festivals are celebrated, with the locals coming out with their families onto the roads and into the streams and rivers, singing and dancing. These celebrations go on for a few days and everyone in the local villages are involved and charged with enthusiasm while preparing and participating in them. Tourists and visitors are allowed to be part of it too and it is worth experiencing a community fest like this once in a while. The festivals of Sao Joao (fertility feast) or St.John the Baptist, feast of St. Peter and St. Paul and the famous Bonderam Festival are all celebrated during this time.

6. Goa also has some grand forts built during the Portuguese reign. During the monsoons, these drenched forts look even more exciting and mysterious and are fun to explore. The famous Chapora Fort allows one to have a wonderful view of Vagator beach and tops the list of must-visit forts, while some of the other names are the Fort Reis Magos and Fort Cabo de Rama,

7. Tourists enjoy visiting the spice plantations in Goa all through the year. But these plantations assume a different charm and joy in the rains. It’s a wonderful sight to see the rain drops drip off the washed dark green leaves and take in the faint spice aroma while roaming around the plantations.

8. While there is no such thing as an ‘off-season’in Goa anymore, since one finds tourists all through the year at this destination, Goa operates at a much more relaxed pace and is very peaceful during the monsoons. While quite a few restaurants and outlets may shut shop and reopen after the monsoons, the ones that are open, very often give good deals on food, drink and entertainment. They are also able to cater better to tourists during this time as there is lesser crowd.

9. And while Goa has so much to look forward to in itself , even getting to Goa is relatively more reasonable during this time owing to the slightly cheaper tickets made available by various airlines. Of course, there’s nothing stopping one from just hopping into their private vehicles or booking themselves on any of the several luxury buses available and enjoying the refreshing green vista as they drive past to glorious Goa.

10. Topping all of this as the cherry on the cake are the fabulous hotel/ resort/ condo prices, where rates are slashed down to almost 50% of what they would have been in the peak season!

So what are you waiting for? Haven’t we given you enough reason to get packing and head to Goa while it’s still raining?

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