When Things Don’t Go As Planned

Everything happens for a reason……….!

Three of my friends and myself had planned to take off for a 3 day trip to Vijayawada in the 1st week of June. All of us had planned to take a day off from work (fortunately all of us work in different IT companies for the past year or so) and combine it with the weekend so that we could get a decent break from the daily routine.

We planned to travel in one of the friend’s car (2 owned a car) who also had a driver, so it would be more comfortable, fun and cost-effective and we were really looking forward to this quick holiday. However, as luck would have it, my boss called me in 2 days before we were to leave and told me that I would need to attend a very important 2 day workshop, starting the next day, which was necessary for an upcoming project. This was like a sudden blow for me !

It meant that I could not leave with my friends on the scheduled date and I would have to make some other arrangement to reach there. I was really disappointed and out of mood. But work is work and I told my friends about the change of plans sadly. They were obviously a little upset too as I would be missing all the action and fun. But then one of them suggested that I quickly go onto the Abhibus site and book my bus tickets online for early morning, the day after the workshop, so that I could reach Vijaywada at a decent time and at a reasonable rate since I was travelling alone. Other modes would be more expensive. I did as suggested and got busy with preparations for my workshop after wishing them a safe drive and a good first day without me.

Imagine my shock and horror when, on the second day of my workshop (the day my friends left for Vijayawada), I received an emergency call from my friends late morning, to say that they had been involved in a bad accident! As I understood from one of them, they had just reached Vijayawada and when the driver was about to turn the car around a bend, a motorbike shot out of nowhere from the opposite side, really close to them. In order to avoid crashing into him, the driver of the car frantically swung the wheel sharply to the left and hit a lamp-post at the side of the road. Though they avoided ramming into the bike, the car was hit with quite an impact and the two friends who were seated on that side were badly bruised and shaken and one of them thought he may have suffered a fracture. They spent that first day in hospital emergency care……which was really sad and disturbing!

As I somehow dragged myself through the workshop that day, I wondered……what if I had travelled in that car on that fateful day ! Who knows how bad or worse the accident would have been and if I would have been the one who was hurt the most ?? Wasn’t all this just fate ? I was somehow forced to change my mode of travel.

I really hated the fact that my friends had to go through this terrible and unnecessary experience when all they were looking for was a good break after a tiring work schedule, but I did consider myself lucky and thanked God for sparing me from that ordeal and unpleasant incident. And to think, how I cursed my luck and tried to worm out of the workshop!

Fortunately I had already booked my tickets online at abhibus.com and set off early morning to Vijayawada to be with my friends. Thankfully……though badly bruised, none of them suffered any serious injury or fracture and we somehow managed to have a good time the remaining 2 days. Of course, the car was another matter altogether !

So I now firmly believe that when things don’t go as planned, it all happens for a reason !


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