When Surprises Backfire

Not sure if you’ve experienced a situation where you have been surprised back yourself or rather shocked when you had planned out a nice loving surprise for your loved one and it goes totally wrong or wasted ! Something like this happened to me recently and for a few minutes I was completely dazed and confused as to what should be done and what could I do !

This incident happened almost a month ago.

Having completed my assignment in Pune 4 days before schedule, I decided to get back to Mumbai quickly and surprise my wife, who was eagerly waiting for my return after wrapping up my work in Pune. As this was all unexpected and I didn’t really have time to book train tickets, at suitable timings etc, I decided I would travel to Mumbai by a luxury bus after work and surprise my wonderful wife somewhere near midnight !

I booked my bus ticket for Mumbai online at abhibus.com in the morning itself, so that I could just hop onto the bus in the evening after work. My bags were packed and with me. I was excited. In the evening, after I got onto the bus and settled down, I decided to do the normal drama of calling my wife and chatting after a long day…..pretending to be excited about my work getting completed after another 3 days. However, after the initial few sentences, my wife who somehow seemed really excited and was jabbering away, explained that she was in Nashik with her sister and brother-in-law who had decided to surprise her and whisk her away to the Sula Vineyard for the next 2 days as she was alone. Imagine my reaction and disappointment ! Somehow, I managed to get through the conversation calmly and got a few details about where they were staying exactly in Nashik before I ended the call. So now the surpriser gets surprised or should I say blown away!

I spent the next several minutes or maybe an hour trying to make up my mind as to whether I should just go home, relax and wait for my wife to arrive after 2 days or should I carry on the surprise and take it to Nashik to blow my wife away with happiness. My upbeat and relaxed mood won and I decided to carry forward my surprise to Nashik. I quickly searched online once again at abhibus.com to find out the timings of buses going to Nashik from a close by stop to where I was getting off and to my good luck found a seat for myself on a bus that was leaving for Nashik just an hour after I reached my Mumbai stop. I immediately made payment with my credit card……thank God for that facility otherwise this sudden development would make me spend more cash unnecessarily. I now had enough time to freshen up, have a quick meal and get set for the next part of my journey through which I mostly slept.

My thoughts went through all the crazy happenings of the day and I broke into a smile when I imagined the surprise on my wife’s face finally. I must say technology has really changed our lives and made everything so accessible and easy for us today. If it was not possible to book bus tickets and pay online, I would have had a tough time running around making arrangements for my onward journey to Nashik and would perhaps have given up the idea of the surprise. Of course, even this was a bit crazy with the longer travel, but fortunately I could just stretch myself out a bit in the AC sleeper bus and snooze for a while.

I must say, all that effort of rebooking tickets to Nashik enroute suddenly and travelling through the night paid off when I saw my wife’s eyes pop and jaw fall open on seeing me early morning. She actually thought she was just dreaming till I hugged her. There was complete commotion and laughter after that with everyone ecstatic about this surprise. And I think AbhiBus helped in a big way !


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