Weekend Getaways From Bangalore

A city with many nicknames – ‘Pensioners Paradise’, ‘Garden City’, ‘Silicon Valley of India’, ‘Pub City’, Bengaluru obviously has a lot going for its residents and immigrants. With an almost all year round pleasant climate due to its elevation of over 3000 feet above sea level, it is also the highest of India’s major cities. Though completely urbanised and plagued with its issues of increasing population, traffic and air pollution, the city gives its residents some respite in the form of several beautiful gardens and plenty of greenery along its broad streets. Given the pace of rapid development in this city, one can well imagine the hectic and rushed lifestyle of the people of Bengaluru. And so, once they have explored the streets and various attractions of the city, people look for other options to de-stress and refresh themselves after a stressful and busy schedule through the week. Keeping this in mind, we have presented a few relaxing and exciting  weekend getaways from Bengaluru.

So…why wait ? Go ahead and make your plans for the coming weekends !

Nandi Hills :

Nandi Hills Weekend Getaways From BangaloreThe evergreen Nandi Hills are a welcome escape from the crowded Bengaluru city and a popular tourist spot. Famous for the several legends associated with it’s name, this hill station is worth a trip just to enjoy the lovely weather and the thick forest green which is home to some amazing and rare birdlife and is a birdwatcher’s and photographer’s delight. One can also admire some ancient temples, beautiful stone carvings, Tipu Sultan’s Fort/ Summer Palace and a botanical garden with exotic plants maintained by the Horticulture Department. One can also enjoy cycling/ biking in this cyclist’s paradise and indulge in paragliding.

Distance from Bengaluru – 60 Km

Anthargange :

Anthargange Weekend Getaways From BangaloreThese mountains are situated at a height of 1712 meters above sea level, in the Shathashrunga range. Characterised by rocky boulders, dense plantations and small caves, it is an exciting getaway for trekkers, rock climbers and cave exploration enthusiasts. The Kashi Vishweshwara temple with its natural hot water spring, located here also attracts tourists to these mountains. One can also enjoy a fun night trek in the dense forests bordering this mountain range and take in the spectacular sunrise before heading back to the city.

Distance from Bengaluru – 70 Km

Bheemeshwari :

Bheemeshwari Weekend Getaways From BangaloreWant to be one with nature? Bheemeshwari, a picturesque tourist spot on the banks of the Kaveri river, offers you a chance to stay in one of their charming jungle lodges and experience the quiet and sounds of the forest. Because of the natural habitat created, it is a perfect place for viewing wildlife like monkeys, deer, jackals, elephants, crocodiles, otters, elephants etc. as well as an astonishing variety of birds. One can also indulge in a spot of fishing or a fishing safari, which includes the finest game fish of the world – Mahseer. Trekking, boating and river rafting are some other exciting activities that are on offer here.

Distance from Bengaluru – 105 Km

Shivanasamudra Waterfalls :

Shivanasamudra Waterfalls Weekend Getaways From BangaloreThis spectacular segmented waterfall is situated on the banks of the river Kaveri and is one of the best waterfalls located near Bengaluru. The island of Shivanasamudra divides the Kaveri river into two parts, which causes the waterfall to be divided into two. The falls present a magnificent picture cascading down the rocks, especially during the monsoons. A section of these falls flow at a much lesser volume and it makes an ideal spot for tourists to just play around and enjoy the flowing water. There is an interesting ancient Ranganatha temple of the Hoysala period, along with the ruins of some others on this island. While swimming is prohibited at these falls, one can enjoy fishing here. People also enjoy trekking in the rocky mountains of this island and exploring the forests with bird watching.

Distance from Bengaluru – 105 Km

Horsley :

Horsley Weekend Getaways From BangaloreThe drive to Horsley Hills is amazing and one can see plenty of greenery with various species of plants as well as wildlife. The entire stretch of road is covered with dense growth of Eucalyptus, Jacaranda, Gulmohar, Reeta, Amla, sandalwood etc. These forests also shelter wildlife like wild dogs, bears, sambhar and panthers. At horsley hills, one can enjoy Lake Gangotri, the horsley hills museum and the view points of Gali Banda and Environmental Park . This is one of the few places that also offer zorbing, along with rappelling and trekking.

Distance from Bengaluru – 140 Km

Mysore :

Mysore Weekend Getaways From BangaloreThis city has a glorious history and rich cultural heritage. Earlier known as the royal city of Karnataka, Mysore is now an interesting mix of traditional as well as modern attractions. It’s amazing palaces and temples, along with beautiful gardens, galleries, cafes and bustling markets, this city has something to offer to every kind of traveller. The popular attractions in this city are the Mysore Palace, the Jaganmohana Palace, the Mysore Zoo, the sand sculpture museum, Chamundeshwari Temple, St. Philomena’s Church amongst several others. One can also try go-karting at Chamundi Hills.

Distance from Bengaluru – 150 Km

Yelagiri :

Yelagiri Weekend Getaways From BangaloreYelagiri is a picturesque little hill station, at an altitude of over 1100 metres above sea level, located in the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu. Not as developed as other hill stations, this destination still retains its natural beauty, peace and tranquility because of lesser tourist population. The Yelagiri village is surrounded by lovely orchards, valleys and rose gardens and is blessed with a variety of flora and fauna. A trekkers paradise, this hill station provides interesting trails through thick forests and people can also enjoy rock climbing and paragliding here. Other places of interest are the Punganoor Lake Park, the Swami Malai Hills and at a short distance away are the captivating Jalagamparai Waterfalls.

Distance from Bengaluru – 157 Km

Yercaud :

Yercaud Weekend Getaways From BangaloreThis is another scenic getaway and a hill station in the Shevaroy range of hills. It is home to several coffee plantations, more than 3000 trees and 1800 shrubs, with wildlife and birds like the deer, bison, ant-eater, rabbits, squirrels, mongoose, snakes, bulbuls, swallows, foxes and several other species. This place is heaven for any nature enthusiast and wildlife photographer. Also known as the ‘land of 7 forests’, trekking through this dense undergrowth is exciting. Another attraction is the famous National Orchidarium and Botanical gardenes. The wonderful Killiyur falls are another reason for delight.

Distance from Bengaluru – 190 Km

You can travel to these destinations by private cars, hired cabs or luxury buses. You can also book bus tickets online for Bengaluru to Mysore on www.abhibus.com



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