Marriage is one event, that no matter how much you prepare for it, something or the other does fall out of place at the last minute……..and this was my fate !

My hometown is actually Bangalore, but have been away on work in Chennai for more than 5 years now. After carrying out a ‘long-distance’ relationship with my college sweetheart for these 5 years, we finally decided to tie the knot last month and I had to rush and complete all my work assignments before I could proceed for my long-awaited, well-deserved marriage holidays !

In all this confusion, when I finally flew home to Bangalore for all the wedding functions, I realized that I had left behind my Sangeet reception bandh-gala (Indian-styled coat) in Chennai……safely packed in a small bag and kept beside my bed-side. Though really worried, I felt a little relief that I could at least depend on my flat-mate to bail me out and get the bandh-gala over to Bangalore as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, he would have to prepone his trip as he was supposed to come only for my wedding reception earlier. The other worry was that he was not able to get a last minute flight ticket to Bangalore and travelling by car/ taxi after work through the night was not really safe.

So, it was to the rescue for me ! During this time, I have done plenty of travel to and fro between Chennai and Bangalore, both for work and short holidays at home. At times when I was rushed, I opted to travel by air and at other times, when in a holiday mood, have travelled by bus and depended on for quick online bus ticket bookings. I did the online booking for my friend who was able to travel at a convenient time, in comfort, after work and safely through the night with my bandh-gala !

That’s what friends are for ! Thanks, Jitendra and !!!


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