Ways To Enjoy Yourself On A Long Bus Ride

A bus ride to your holiday destination is most convenient when you are not time-constrained and are looking for a more cost-effective mode of travel. In fact, it can prove to be interesting as it allows you to take in all the sights and places along the way, from your point of origin to your final destination. However, one needs to be suitably prepared as very long bus journeys can get quite tedious, especially when travelling alone.

Here are a few tips to gear you up for that long ride and make it pleasurable.

1) Dress Right

First and foremost, it is most essential to dress appropriately in order to keep you comfortable throughout the journey. Soft, loose clothing, covering the entire body, with an add-on jacket would be more prudent as it would be airy enough even in hot weather as well as help keep you warm if the air-conditioning in the bus gets a little too much over time.

2) Food And Water

It would be prudent to carry some nutritious and non-perishable snacks, food items, fruits and water, so that you are not dependent on the bus-stop outlets or way-side stalls. Something light, yet filling, like sandwiches, rolls etc. would be better than oily, greasy food and also more manageable on a moving bus.

3) Equip Yourself

Ensure you carry basic stuff like sanitizer, tissues/ tissue roll, sleep-aids like ear plugs, eye masks/ sunglasses, air-pillow, emergency medicine and most essentially a charger/ powerbank. If you are prone to feeling cold quickly, then carrying a light shawl would be smart so that you can cover yourself when the air-conditioned bus gets too much for you.

4) Read

With all the time on hand, there is nothing more pleasurable than catching up on some reading, whether your favourite fiction or some long pushed-away handy material that you need to keep abreast of. However, do take quick, short breaks in between to avoid nausea or discomfort due to motion sickness.

5) Watch Movies

In this age of digitization, one has many more options for entertainment on the go, than earlier. Make sure you download in advance (before you set off on your bus journey, in case no wi-fi or internet available) some of those movies that you missed watching and enjoy viewing it at peace on your bus ride. You may even be lucky if your bus offers its customers wi-fi, so you can watch movies or TV serials on the journey. This will help keep you engaged for a major part of your trip.

6) Play Off-Line Mobile Games

There are plenty of game apps that one can download and play off-line. Besides games, there are also plenty of apps that test your craft and creative skills. This would be a good time to try these out. It will keep your brain engaged and help pass time.

7) Solve Crosswords And Puzzles

Get yourself a nice book of crosswords and puzzles to solve and challenge yourself intellectually while enjoying the passing view on the bus ride. Sometimes, this could also help you to break the ice with your neighbor by asking him/ her to help you with a word.

8) Listen To Music

If the brain-game is not your scene, then ensure you carry your head-phones and listen to some of your favourite music which has been pre-loaded earlier. It also helps you to drown out any unwanted chatter or noise made by other travellers on the bus.

9) Use The Time To Catch Up On Pending Mail Or Organise Your Erratic Thoughts Or Itinerary

This would be the ideal place and time to either catch up on your pending personal or work mail or to organize and draft out a to-do list for pending jobs at home on your return. You could also plan/ finalise your itinerary for this trip, with your must-do outings or shopping, so that you are organized in your approach and can make the most of your holiday.

10) Enjoy The Scenery And People

If you love the outdoors and observing new things and people, a bus journey is one of the best places to indulge in both. Take in the passing scenery and interesting spots en route and click pictures whenever something takes your fancy. If you like observing people and their characteristics, your fellow-travellers will provide some good entertainment for you, but remember to do so tactfully and have a quiet laugh unobtrusively.

11) Befriend Your Fellow-Travellers

If you are travelling alone and have exhausted your other choices to pass time, then chatting with your neighbour or fellow-travellers on the bus makes for an interesting break. Remember to keep the conversation general and safe and not reveal too much information, yet interesting enough to be fun. Sometimes these interactions could actually convert into a life-long friendship.

12) Catch Up On Sleep

If nothing else to occupy your mind and senses, then feel free to catch up on that much-needed sleep. Plug in your ears, don the eye-mask, use the air-pillow or something lightly padded in between your neck and shoulders and drift off into oblivion.


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