Walk into Year 2021 with these 7 Travel Resolutions

New Year stands for a fresh chapter in a book called life. The year 2020 was a troublesome year for most people and things were beyond our control. As the previous year is around the corner, it is time to welcome the New Year 2021 and mark a fresh beginning with New Year’s Resolution. A New Year resolution is a promise or a pledge to self, taken by most of the people on the first day of the year. It can be anything – from fitness goals to traveling unexplored parts of the world.

For travel lovers, the possibilities are endless. The past year, travelers had to put away their suitcases and stay at home in light of global pandemic and lockdown. With the news of the COVID vaccine, there is a hope that our dear travelers would be able to satisfy their wanderlust and compensate for the previous year as well. We have done research pinpointing 7 New Year Resolutions for Travelers that you must consider. Scroll down to take a look and walk into the year 2021 with these Travel Resolutions.

1. Take a Volunteer Vacation
2. Learn something new at some new place
3. Taste New Cuisines
4. Take a Solo Adventure
5. Sustainable Travel
6. Start writing a Travel Journal
7. Stay away from Social Media and Live in the Moment

#Take a Volunteer Vacation

What can be better than doing something beneficial for society while traveling, right? In recent years, Volunteer Vacation has observed a cumbersome boom. Even in India, there are ample opportunities for Volunteer Vacation which makes it a perfect New Year Resolution for travelers. You can experience Volunteer travel in India without paying a huge amount. It is provided by several organizations such as Spiti Ecosphere, WWOOF India, Fertile Ground, SECMOL, etc.

#Learn something new at some new place

Traveling and learning can go hand-in-hand. If you are of a curious nature and love to learn new things then this New Year Travel Resolution 2021 is the right choice for you. Rishikesh is the Yoga Capital of the nation. You can plan a trip to Rishikesh for Yoga Teacher Training Course and learn Yoga from the masters. If you are an adventure enthusiast and want to learn Rock Climbing, then you can acquire training for the same at Bhongir Fort. Learn more about Bhongir Fort here.

#Taste New Cuisines

This one is for our foodies out there. It won’t be wrong to say that one can comprehend the culture of a place through the local cuisine. So make 2021 the year to take the culinary tour of your dreams. Here’s a New Year Resolution 2021 for Foodies – Try local cuisine of every state of India and try as many as you can. And don’t restrict yourself to eating. From cooking with locals to hand-picking fresh ingredients, your unique foodie vacation must have all.

#Take a Solo Adventure

Traveling by yourself means not being able to rely on anyone else and get the most out of your trip. The benefits of solo traveling are endless – you can rest when you want and engage with locals understanding the culture of a destination. All your mistakes are your own and so are your achievements. In your bucket list of New Year Travel Resolution 2021, you must add Solo Travel. Who knows, while exploring the destination, you end up finding yourself? Being a girl, if you have safety concerns then worry no more. Check out the list of 18 Female Friendly Destinations in India for Solo Women Travelers. Let the travel begin.

#Sustainable Travel

We won’t deny the fact that traveling leaves a negative impact on the environment. But if you plan your travel responsibly then you can conserve the beauty of the natural world and satisfy your wanderlust at the same time. Sustainable travel is all about being a responsible traveler and making informed choices such as going on the road or rail whenever possible or carrying reusable bags when you go shopping. This New Year Resolution for Travelers includes small things but makes big difference in the long run.

#Start writing a Travel Journal

A Travel Journal is a collection of memories that you prepare for your future self. It also allows you to observe your travel experiences in a better manner as you are supposed to write down the same. In your travel journal you can write down the trips that you have taken along with a snapshot to make it look pleasing. Also, you can list down the places that you want to discover. The collection of boarding passes and travel tickets is another thing that you can add to your travel journal.

#Stay away from Social Media and Live in the Moment

Disconnect from Social Media to connect with nature. Today, humans are so much obsessed with social media that they are forgotten how to live in the moment. So this New Year 2021, take a travel resolution to travel for yourself instead of flaunting your holiday pictures on your Instagram or other Social Media platforms. We are not suggesting to stop capturing the memories but don’t be too busy to capture them for Social Media that you miss out on the bliss of the moment. There is a sheer pleasure in creating memories in a different light.

If you ask us, what percent of New Year Resolutions are kept, then it would be less than 10 percent that too for a few months only. But we have got to try, try as hard as we can. Commit to these travel resolutions 2021 and turn the coming year into a memorable escapade! Have a happy new year.

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