Underwater Sea Museum In Pondicherry

Underwater Sea Museum In PondicherryThe famed Puducherry, more fondly known as Pondicherry, located in the southern part of the Indian Peninsula, in the state of Tamil Nadu, has a lot of excitement in store for its loyal patrons and even the uninitiated. Those familiar with this Union Territory in India, a most popular destination with both domestic and international tourists, are aware that this place is a queer mix of both Indian and French influence in terms of culture, architecture and various other features. With the town being divided into the French Quarter and the Indian Quarter, various attractions including ancient, beautiful temples and churches, stunning Indian and French monuments and buildings, the unique experimental city of Auroville on the outskirts of this town and wonderful beaches with a lovely coastline make it a very interesting tourist and holiday destination.

And now, to add to the excitement and thrill, Puducherry is all geared up to introduce India’s very first underwater museum. So Indians need not look for other exotic locations to experience the mesmerizing and beautiful marine life underwater. Thanks to our Indian Navy, who is working in collaboration with the Government, the National Centre for Coastal Research, National Institute of Ocean Technology and a very renowned NGO called PondyCan, a decommissioned ship or minesweeper, called INS Cuddalore, has been donated for this venture so that it can be revamped or remodeled into a sea museum. In order to achieve this objective, the minesweeper will be let down to the bed of the ocean at a depth of approximately 26 m, at a distance of about 7 km from the shoreline.

The idea is to create a natural habitat of algae, fungi, barnacles and such other on this enormous vessel, with a width of 12m and length of 60 m, for the abundant marine life in these waters, hoping to attract many marine creatures like turtles, exotic fish etc. The purpose is to encourage marine biodiversity, lend a helping hand to the fishing industry and give the much needed impetus to tourist inflow into Puducherry. There will also be a greater focus on supporting and endorsing underwater activities like snorkeling and scuba diving, so that tourists can thoroughly enjoy exploring this museum, for which passage-ways for the divers will be made to enter the ship. The authorities will also ensure that boats are deployed to assist tourists to indulge in boat rides to the museum.

Although certain clearance certificates are still awaited from the State Pollution Control Board and National Coastal Zone Management Authority, this underwater sea museum in Puducherry is looked forward to in anticipation, as a very exciting tourist attraction.

How to reach :

By Air – Puducherry Airport has limited flights coming in only from Bengaluru and Hyderabad and can only accommodate small aircrafts. The domestic airport at Chennai, on the other hand, has flights coming in from all the major cities and is the nearest airport to Puducherry. One can hire a taxi from this airport to reach Puducherry.

By Train – Villupuram is the nearest station to Puducherry and has trains coming in from major cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and Trivandrum. Cabs can be hired to reach Puducherry, 35 km away.

By Bus – Several state-owned and private buses ply to Puducherry from Chennai, Bengaluru, Coimabatore, Thanjaur and Madurai.

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