Travel Safe-T Precautions by Abhibus to Combat COVID-19

With the second wave rapidly spreading, safety and safety-conscious behaviour are paramount. It’s not enough to just keep our own self safe but also make sure that others around us are following the government issued safety protocols. Sometimes, unavoidable circumstances demand us to travel. Be it for work or personal emergencies, we need to get on a bus or train immediately. How do we know they are safe? What are the safety tips for travelling during Covid-19?

Abhibus ensures that its travellers can handpick their Safe-T.

The fascinating thing about our world today is that everything is customized according to the needs of the people. To give its passengers peace of mind, Abhibus has started a stringent practice to assure passengers of their safety. Their bus inventory now has bus services that strictly adhere to safety practices.
All you need to do is look for the Safe-T tag right next to the bus service name or filter the bus services by clicking on the Safe-T filter card on the top. Only bus services that have submitted photographs of bus fumigation, thermal screening, and provision of hand sanitisers are listed under the AbhiBus Safe-T bus category.

Safe-T bus services

Abhibus Safe-T features

  • The buses are 100% sanitized and fumigated after every journey to make it safe for the next one.
  • All the staff members have been trained and educated in the safety protocols required for COVID-19.
  • Hand sanitisers are placed in the bus for the convenience and safety of the travellers.
  • A mandatory temperature screening of the passengers is done before they board the bus to ensure the safety of all passengers.
  • Safe-T bus filter on abhibus

    How to choose from our top Safe-T bus services:

  • Enter your travel origin city, destination city and travel date to search for buses.
  • On the results page, all the available bus services to your destination are shown.
  • Look for the Safe-T tag displayed next to the bus service name.
  • Or just apply the Safe-T filter card available at the top of the bus services list page
  • You can also see the images shared by the bus owners who follow all the safety measures
  • Click on the bus service of your choice and complete the booking
  • It’s that simple to have a safe and worry-free travel! Now, let’s look at some more bus travel safety tips that can help you prepare for your travel and ensure that everyone is safe and protected.

  • The government has recently suspended in-person ticket purchasing to work towards reducing crowd contact. It is safer to always book your bus tickets online to avoid unnecessary contact.
  • Remember to carry your own face masks, face shields, hand sanitizers, sanitizing sprays, etc. These are a must while stepping out of your house.
  • Please take steps to ensure your temperature is normal and that you are not showing any signs of ill health prior to any trip.
  • Always wear your masks when inside the bus and ensure you cover your nose properly. Masks are always mandatory when stepping out, but double masking is even better.
  • Always sneeze or cough into your elbow or a tissue.
  • Carry your own essentials like blankets, water bottles, food, etc. for long-distance or overnight journeys.
  • Make sure you’re up to date with the guidelines issued by the state you are travelling from and the state you are travelling to.
  • When the bus halts, try to avoid unnecessary contact and stay away from the crowd. If possible, carry your own food to avoid eating outside food.
  • Planning your travel beforehand is advisable in these circumstances so that you can be prepared in the best ways possible to keep yourself and your family safe. Our previous blog lists down the dos and don’ts of travelling during the pandemic. It is necessary to remember that travel today should be undertaken with caution and only under unavoidable circumstances in the interest of your safety and others.
    Safety and safe travelling are the need of the hour today. With the situation outside being unexpected and overwhelming, pick Abhibus as your travel partner for a safe and hassle-free journey. Book your tickets on Abhibus.

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