Train Travel Safety Precautions During COVID-19

Travel is an essential part of life but given the current circumstances, the government of India has urged the people to stay home and only step out for essential needs. A countrywide lockdown has not yet been considered but individual states have imposed new travel restrictions on the people coming in and going out of state. The introduction of the vaccine is one form of saving grace in these trying times. Regardless of the vaccine every it is the responsibility of every individual to wear a double mask, carry a sanitiser, avoid crowds, avoid touching the nose, face and mouth, and adhere to all the preventive measures possible to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Read further to learn some safety measures that can be adopted while travelling in normal and ac trains.
Travel restrictions have been imposed by several states but travelling has not been banned in any region. A list of safety tips/protocols is to be followed by the public while travelling in these COVID-19 times. Each state has imposed different restrictions and train travel safety tips based on the situation on the ground. The government is urging the people to not venture out unless absolutely necessary. Travelling right now should be restricted to unavoidable circumstances and dire needs.
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Here are the rules the Ministry of Railways has issued for passengers travelling by trains.

  • It is mandatory for all passengers to wear masks. Anybody found not wearing it will be fined Rs 500. It is important and necessary for the passengers to carry hand sanitisers for there are several touchpoints in trains from where the virus can spread.
  • A fine of Rs 500 is to be imposed on anyone found to be spitting in the Railways premises.
  • No cooked food service will be available on the trains. However, Ready to Eat meals are made available for the passengers.
  • Passengers can buy various essential protective items like sanitisers, gloves, masks, bedroll kits, etc. through multi-purpose stalls at the station.
  • Along with the ministry of Railways, different states have mentioned their criteria for train travel, here are some of them.
  • passengers travelling by trains.

    Railway Board chairman Suneet Sharma said that for passengers travelling by train, there’s no need for a COVID-19 negative certificate. Passengers have been asked to follow the latest COVID-19 guidelines and protocols that have been issued by the Centre and state governments.
    In view of the COVID-19 pandemic and related hygiene issues, Railways had also stopped service of cooked food and replaced the same with Ready to Eat (RTE) meals in trains.
    The Railway ministry introduced several changes and added features in AC coaches spending around 5-6 lakhs on each coach to ensure the safety of the passengers.

  • Hands-free amenities, like a foot-operated water tap, soap dispenser, lavatory door, latches in these doors, flush valve and compartment door handle operated by arm.
  • Due to its antimicrobial properties, handrails and latches inside the coaches are coated with copper. It is known to inactivate the virus (if any) on the surface of these bodies, in just a couple of hours.
  • Speaking of ventilation in AC coaches, these newly added coaches are incorporated with Plasma Air Purifier in the AC duct.
  • Additionally, surfaces in these coaches are being sterilized using ionized air so that the coach becomes coronavirus and particulate matter resistant.
  • Titanium dioxide is used for coating, as it is eco-friendly and kills bacteria, mould, viruses, fungal growth, along with enhancing indoor air quality.
  • Travelling by Bus During COVID-19 Pandemic.

    Despite the various steps taken by the government to ensure passenger safety people must also carry a 3-ply face mask, a hand sanitiser, and a few disinfectant wipes with them. Carry a few extra masks in a sealed bag, so you can replace your mask if it gets soiled.


  • All government personnel including the State, Central, and Local will be issued train passes based on their government identity card.
  • Train passes will be given to all medical personnel including lab technicians.
  • For long-distance trains, passengers getting off at any station will be stamped on the hand and are required to home quarantine for 14 days.
  • Additional thermal screening has been installed at all Railway stations and is to be used for all the local trains too.
  • Train tickets will only be issued at ticket counters and booking centres like Automatic Ticket Vending Machines, Jan Sadharan Ticket Booking Seva and UTS will remain suspended.
  • People coming in from out of the state will not be allowed to travel via local trains.
  • Delhi
    Anybody travelling from Maharashtra to Delhi needs to have a COVID-19 negative report. Every passenger is required to home quarantine for 14 days immediately after their arrival.
    Passengers travelling from Maharashtra, Punjab, Chandigarh and Kerala need mandatorily carry an RT-PCR report done within 72 hours of travelling. All the passengers coming in from out of the state are to quarantine themselves at home for 14 days.

    All passengers are mandated to carry the RT-PCR report. Travellers can opt for tests at the Railways stations. 14 days home quarantine is compulsory for passengers coming via long-distance trains. Kerala has announced a state-wise complete lockdown from May 8th – 16th to fight the surge in Covid-19 cases.

    Uttar Pradesh
    Travellers from Maharashtra and Kerala must carry a negative RT-PCR report within 72 hours of travelling. 14 days home quarantine is mandatory for all travellers.
    A negative RT-PCR negative report is a must. Travellers can opt for a test on arrival. If a passenger doesn’t take the COVID-19 test, they will be quarantined for 7 days and all expenses are to be borne by the passengers themselves.

    Himachal Pradesh
    Passengers from Punjab, Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh must carry an RT-PCR negative report done within 72 hours of travelling.
    Interstate travel is not only restricted to trains but buses too as the common population is heavily dependent on travelling by bus. The safety precautions that one can take while travelling during the pandemic through the bus are very essential to keep yourself safe from the virus. Read more information about Travelling by Bus During COVID-19 Pandemic.

    Train Travel Safety Precautions

    Times like these are the ones that all of us should support of each other and prioritize our safety. Despite the best efforts of the states and government, the virus has been on a rapid spread. Abhibus requests all its passengers to follow all the safety tips mentioned above while booking tickets and travelling via trains. Bringing you the best and hassle-free travel experiences in these trying times.
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