Top 5 places to witness the beauty of Easter

A celebration of Christ’s resurrection, Easter is one of the most significant festivals in the Christian calendar. All around the world, it’s celebrated with great festivities. Good Friday is a day of mourning Christ’s crucifixion, and Easter is the celebration of his divine resurrection, celebration of which starts with Lent – a 40-day period of fasting, prayer and sacrifice and ends with Easter Sunday.
Easter is not only a celebration of the resurrection of Christ but also a celebration of family. It brings people together over food and drinks, where feelings and stories are shared. And given the diversity of India, the different traditions all around the country make Easter even more special. The tastes vary from region to region therefore, you’ll find all sorts of awesomeness in the traditional recipes cooked for Easter, that will leave you swooning for more.


Here are a few places to celebrate or witness the beauty of Easter. No religious affiliation required, just excitement and a bus ticket.

1. Goa
2. Vishakapatnam
3. Northeastern states
4. Kerala
5. Mumbai

1. Goa
A Portugal colony in the pre-Independent India, Goa, is one of the best Easter holiday destinations in India. A procession and Mass are held in every church in Goa, but the biggest celebrations take place in the Panjim Church of Mary Immaculate Conception. Street plays, songs, dances are staged during this time. Colourful carnivals are a part of the festivities in Goa. People go all out with food and bake lip-smacking Easter cakes for their loved ones. The exchange of colorful lanterns is one of the traditions of Easter in India. Friends and relatives exchange the Holy Cross, once the church service is over. Here you can book bus tickets from Hyderabad to Goa.

Popularly called Vizag, this port city comes alive to celebrate the miracle of Easter. The city’s Anglo-Indian community celebrates Christ’s renewal of life with an Easter Ball, dance, music and some really delectable food. Witness the gorgeous décor and celebrations at community hotspots like Soldierpet and Gyanapuram. Visit the Sacred Heart Church in Soldierpet, Infant Jesus Church in Seethammadara or St Joseph’s Church in Convent Junction to offer your prayers. An Easter ball is held where people gather to sing, dance and celebrate. And dance is not just dance, you get to shake a leg in fun dance forms like waltz, jive and foxtrot. Book bus tickets from Hyderabad to Vizag here.

Northeastern States
The Seven Sister States of Northeast India have a fairly large Christian populace. One can find many places in these states celebrating Easter, like Kohima in Nagaland, Tura in Meghalaya and several places in Tripura, Assam and Manipal. Easter celebrations begin with pomp and gaiety in the northeast on Sunday with the people taking part in prayer services and candlelight processions. Hordes of devotees attended the sunrise service at the historic World War-II Cemetery to mark the resurrection of Christ from the dead, in Nagaland’s capital Kohima. Members of the Catholic Church break their week-long fast to celebrate the resurrection of Christ while the Salvation Army band party plays ‘He’s Risen’ in Aizawl, Kohima and several other places in the Northeast.

Easter in Kerala is marked by four separate periods beginning with Lent, the 40 days of preparation for fasting and penance for the resurrection of Christ. This is followed by the Holy Week consisting of Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday follow. The third period is observed as the octave of Easter or the period of traditional baptism and finally Easter or the Easter time which stretches over 40 days. The churches are decorated with flower arrangements, there are traditional religious services and ceremonies, which maintain the religious and spiritual importance of the Easter holiday. People embrace the coming together of family and friends and the dining tables are filled with a scrumptious spread. A traditional Easter breakfast is made on Sunday. It is followed by dinner with the close ones and feasting on local cuisine like appam, meat and stew, and the famous egg curry, baked bananas, attayappam, a steamed rice cake garnished with cashew nuts and raisins.

The celebrations in Mumbai are a little muted compared to the places mentioned above. The processions and prayers are confined to the church. This doesn’t mean that the people are any less jubilant about celebrating easter. The family gatherings are larger than ever, and the food fills the table. Laughter can be heard in every house that honours this festival. The restaurants and the cafes of Mumbai pick up the festive fervour and deck their menus with easter specials. The malls offer flat discounts and entice the people into buying their close ones a little something. Book bus tickets from Hyderabad to Mumbai here.

This is a festival that commemorates life, triumph of good and forgiveness. It encourages people to move forward in life and also to treasure the ones around them. It symbolizes hope and the renewal of faith and the best way to celebrate this festival would be to take some time and indulge in a little prayer, smiles, hugs and love; a little more than every day.
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