Top 10 Reasons To Travel Often

Top 10 Reasons To Travel Often

Travel, whether done alone or with family, is an experience of another kind! While ‘travel’ may sound just like any other routine activity, actually it does a lot more for you, in several different intangible ways. And once bitten by the travel bug, it is difficult to reign yourself in and settle for a very occasional outing. So, pack those bags, travel alone if you have to and discover the real you. Here are a few reasons to help you understand why.

1 –  Widen your horizons

Travel takes you to different parts of the world. Initially, it may just be travelling within your country, but even that exposes you to so much more than just your own thoughts, beliefs, customs and limited life experiences. When you visit other places, you encounter different people, experience their lifestyle, learn to deal with their thought processes and way of life. All of this only helps you broaden your outlook on life and gets you out of your shell.

2 – Learn more about yourself

When you move out of your cozy home and safe, well equipped surroundings to travel, you may have to face situations that you have not encountered before and find ways to deal with them. At such times, your character is put to the test and you may discover if you can manage without comforts and how much you can push yourself to handle or deal with the conditions or state of affairs at hand. Your strengths and weaknesses will be highlighted further.

3 – Rejuvenate

Going through the same motions or routines day after day can make life dull and boring. Though life in the metros is fast paced and hectic, one can feel lifeless and out of their depth, just by trying to cope with their daily struggles and deadlines. At such times, it’s important to pause and take a break. Travelling to another place, engaging yourself in a fun activity or just stretching out and relaxing in a beautiful environment can do wonders for you. One feels rejuvenated and energetic after a good holiday. It also gives you a chance to relook or reflect on various aspects of your life that you think may be bothering you or proving to be stressful.

4 – Make new friends 

Travelling always makes you encounter several new people. Some people are friendly, while some are just wary and take time to mix. Very often, when fellow-travellers go through the same experiences or deal with the same issues, they tend to interact with and understand each other more. This bonding creates good and lasting relationships or friendships. We also learn lots from the people we meet or stay with while on holiday.

5 – Learn to face challenges

Sometimes travel can present you with certain hurdles or obstacles or force you to face your fears and phobias while dealing with your day to day activities also. In an ideal situation and in your home environment, you may normally avoid, slip out of or take the help of someone to deal with these issues. But when you are out of your comfort zone and are pushed to face these challenges however small or big, you somehow find a way out!

6 – Learn to be more open and accepting

Travelling often and to different places, helps you meet different types of people who may lead a different or unusual life…..who think differently, have beliefs which may seem strange to you  and follow different customs or rituals. Thus frequent travellers learn to be more tolerant, accepting and open in their outlook on society. You learn to let go of your inhibitions slowly and can mingle more freely with all types.

7 –  Learn about new things

Books, movies, stories and tales can only give you a glimpse of the outside world, but it is only actual travel that makes you experience the other side. As you travel, you soak in so much about different places, cultures, beliefs, languages, lifestyles and acquire different skills and hobbies. Travel is the best teacher.

8 – Learn to be street-smart

Moving around on your own, arranging and organizing travel, stay, activities, food etc at the best deals in new or unknown places helps you to think on your feet and become more street smart and savvy. You quickly learn to get rid of your shyness and be bold.

9 – Helps you discover more skills

Very often people are willing to try out new things while travelling, maybe a new adventurous activity, hobby, a dance or various other things that may catch their fancy. While doing this just for fun, they may sometimes discover a skill or aptitude for something that they never knew existed.

10 – Makes you realize the importance of family

Creating an atmosphere of home, away from home is obviously quite difficult, given the different surroundings, cultures, lifestyles and different people. Its only when you leave behind your close family and friends, that you realize the importance of your loved ones and remember their concern and care for you. While it is important to create a little space for yourself occasionally, distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder!



Image Credits – Steven Lewis from Unsplash

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