Tips To Save Money While Travelling

Tips To Save Money While TravellingTaking off on a holiday or vacation at some point in time is inevitable, but how to do so in an organized, well-planned and cost-effective way is purely in your hands. While out on a holiday, one definitely likes to enjoy, indulge and splurge a bit, but spending wisely and in a little more organized manner would help you enjoy and experience more at a reasonable cost, instead of lamenting over the after-effects of an expensive and extravagant holiday. After all, not everyone is born with a privilege to squander !

A few tips given below, will help you pack in more for an exciting and enjoyable holiday.

1) Try And Holiday During The Off-Season

Going on vacation during the off-season has its own set of advantages or perks. Hotels offer great deals to entice a customer during the low period and even restaurants and some entertainment shows pack in more and offer great discounts to pull in the numbers.

2) Plan Your Vacation Well In Advance

Chalking out a holiday plan a couple of months in advance, not only lets you avail of great staying options but also helps you save on the much dreaded travel costs, especially with the family. Tickets for travel at a later date are generally much cheaper, if booked well in advance and booking round-trip tickets are even more economical. Also, one can make a more informed choice on the best travel route to enjoy and see more places at a reasonable cost rather than dashing around to far off places at the last minute based on hearsay.

3) Book Decent 3 Or 4 Star Hotels Or Service Apartments Or Hostels If Single

Booking a really fancy hotel room is pointless, when actually the only time you will spend in the room is late night and early morning, after going around the whole day sight-seeing. Very often, when out on a holiday, one just takes off for the day and comes back only around or after dinner, as it gets time consuming and expensive to travel back and forth. Hence it makes more sense to either book a very decent 3 or 4 star hotel with breakfast included, or a bed and breakfast arrangement or a service apartment with a microwave and refrigerator so that basic breakfast can be arranged for in the mornings, thus cutting down on costs.

4) Work Out A Route Map Most Convenient And Plan Your Mode Of Transport

If a trip is planned in advance, one has time to actually research a bit about other exciting and interesting places around your main holiday destination and chart out a course or route which enables you to visit these places at least cost and in less time. ‘No planning’ forces you to just dash around to popular places based on random recommendations, making you incur unnecessary cost for hap-hazard travel.

Once clear about the locations you plan to visit, it is very simple to check out conveyance modes, time taken and costs to those places. In most cases, public transport like buses and trains are more economical than private cars or cabs.

5) Pre-Decide Your Entertainment Activities

Once you’ve decided on a destination and the period of stay, it always pays to check out the kind of entertainment available, costs and timings. This helps you plan, choose wisely and avail of best prices or great deals offered on certain days at some of these destinations. In some cases, free shows at public places are also listed.

6) Carry Your Water And Small Eats

When out for the day, it’s best if you carry some water and a few small eats, like energy bars, nuts or fruits which can be easily procured from the local supermarket at very reasonable costs, instead of stopping at restaurants or outlets every time you are hungry and thirsty. Also, quench your thirst thoroughly at the restaurant you finally have your lunch or dinner at as water will be offered free there. But this is only if the restaurant is clean and hygienic.

7) Check With Your Hotel Or Locals For Best Local Restaurants

It always great to try out the local cuisine of a new destination and big restaurants in popular tourist locations are not the ideal place to do so as they will just be very expensive. Instead, one should check with the hotel staff or any of the locals in that area as to what are the best places to try their local food. More often than not, you are treated very well to a sumptuous meal with some personal attention from that local restaurant, which is an experience in itself. Also the rates would be most affordable.

8) Check For Free Wi-Fi At Outlets And Restaurants

Internet or WI-fi is chargeable in some places and so one should look out for free WI-fi zones at public places, cafes, coffee shops etc. and enjoy the facility with a cuppa coffee.

9) Check Out The Local Markets For Shopping

While one may find trendy stuff at malls and big stores, the items there are always more expensively priced for tourists than what one would find in a local store for the same type. The local markets would give you a bigger variety of items and more ethnic stuff.

10) Plan Mid-Week Trips As Weekends Are Mostly Packed And Expensive

Trips and outings planned during the week are much more pocket-friendly than the weekends where all prices for hotels, entertainment etc are hiked up to benefit from the heavy rush of tourists and visitors.


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