Take a Bite of Your Biscuit Tea Cup at Madurai Tea Stall

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In India, Tea acts as a fuel that drives a majority of India’s population. Just a cup of tea with biscuits is enough for many to start their day. Indians believe that there’s no problem on earth, that can’t be resolved over a good cup of tea. Whether there’s some stressed-out situation or minor cold, a cup of tea can fix it all. Tea is the nation’s favorite drink but what if the consumption of our beloved tea itself faces difficulty?

In January 2019, the state government of Tamil Nadu announced a complete ban on plastic. Like many other food sellers using disposables for serving, owners of Tea stalls also started looking for alternatives as they couldn’t use plastic teacups anymore. Many of them opted for glassware and steel glasses which required maintenance cost as well. In such a situation, Vivek Sabaapathy, the present owner of RS Pathy Nilgiri Tea Kiosk of Madurai introduced the idea of selling tea in eco-friendly biscuit cups. The concept is to eat the edible teacups after finishing the Tea. Sounds Impressive, Right?

A Peek into History

RS Pathy was established in the year 1909 in the famous temple town – Madurai and gained recognition for manufacturing ayurvedic products such as balms and oils. Further expanding his business and customer base, the fourth generation of business- Vivek Sabaapathy added RS Pathy Nilgiri Tea Powder to the list of products. The business of RS Pathy already relied on farms of Ooty and Kodaikanal for eucalyptus oil used for medicinal purposes. By leasing land and hiring experts, Mr Vivek grew a special brand of tea leaves. Further, to sell the same Mr Vivek opened a kiosk with tea and snacks.

A ban on plastic was an ultimatum for Vivek to look for an alternative. Many tea sellers opted for glassware and steel glasses. To avoid maintenance costs and for better hygiene, Vivek chose Kulhads (clay cups) which is a renowned way of selling tea in North India. He approached a local potter to make clay cups and sold the tea in these clay cups naming them as ‘Tandoor Tea’.

Journey of Opting Eco-Friendly Choice

A small tea Kiosk at Madurai’s busy west Masi Street earned recognition for its creative approach. But Vivek was still looking for options to offer to his patrons. Later in March 2020, Vivek got to know about Edco India’s wafer-based products like ice cream cones and more. The product that grabbed Vivek’s attention was the biscuit cup by Edco India – the biscuit tea cup manufacturer in India. It is not the first time that a business venture thought of using edible cutlery but in the case of National drink of India, RS Pathy definitely stands first to sell tea in edible teacups.

After a few trials, Vivek Sabaapathy placed the order and the concept of taking a bite of the Biscuit Tea Cup at Madurai Tea Stall turned out to be successful. As per an interview with the present owner of RS Pathy – Vivek Sabaapathy, they sell around 500 biscuit teacups every day. If you are thinking of the biscuit tea cup prices, then let us tell you that you can get a cup of hot tea in a biscuit tea cup at just INR 20.

How does Biscuit Tea Cup at Madurai tastes?

You must remember the taste of an ice-cream cone. Now think of it a bit harder like a biscuit and a bit chocolaty. Basically, the biscuit teacup at Madurai is a mixture of the taste of an ice-cream cone and a chocolate biscuit. The biscuit teacup sold at Madurai Kiosk can hold 60ml of hot tea for about 10 minutes which is enough time to finish off your tea. Later on, you can savor the taste of your edible teacup which is quite similar to the taste of a biscuit dipped in tea.

Biscuit Tea Cup Madurai Address – RS Pathy Tea Shop, 214a, W Masi Rd, Periyar, Madurai Main, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625001

Next time when you visit Madurai to explore the glorious past and the great architectural brilliance of Temple, make sure to taste the biscuit teacup and flaunt the same on your social media as well. The city has many reasons to be visited and the Biscuit Tea Cup at Madurai has become a part of it.

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