Safety And Security Tips For Travellers

Safety And Security Tips For TravellersIn the present day, travel is something that most people list high on their to-do list……whether the young, adventurous, independent generation or the elderly couple who have finished with all their responsibilities and want to enjoy life and see the world or the corporate – jet setting kinds. You can either love or hate travelling, but either way you need to know how to be safe and secure on your travels, so as to avoid a complete disaster and have a happy trip.

Listed below are a few tips on how to ensure your safety and security while travelling.

Do A Thorough Research About Your Destination Before You Plan A Holiday Or Travel To Any Destination For Work

It always pays to know your destination well or at least enough, to be equipped in case of an emergency. Check on the current political situation, so that you don’t have to deal with any unrest or riots, check on the weather conditions so as to be prepared or avoid any natural disaster like impending cyclones, floods etc. and conduct a study of the places you intend to visit, so as to avoid any shocks when you actually get there.

Make Copies Of Passports And Other Important Documents

It is absolutely essential to get all your paperwork done in time, to avoid any problems at your destination. Passports, visas and any other sponsorship/ invitation letters, hotel information, itinerary etc.should be handy. Check the online government/ tourist sites of your destination to ensure you have provided whatever they have asked for. And most importantly, make copies of all important travel documents. Keep one set back at home with a trusted family member and carry the other set separately in your baggage. The originals will be carried by you in your hand-baggage and kept handy while travelling.

Leave An Itinerary And Emergency Contacts Back Home

Even though, you may want to just get away from your regular routine, it is always advisable to leave behind with your family or friends, details of the flights or trains you are travelling on and on which days, especially if travelling alone. Establish a regular contact schedule with someone back home, so that if you are unreachable for a few days suddenly, they can be alert and have someone check on you.

Be Careful With Cash And Other Valuables

It is always wise to leave behind any unnecessary valuables and take along only what is absolutely needed on your travel. While carrying enough cash as an emergency back-up is important, it would be advisable to use Credit cards or travellers cheques in this day and age. All excess cash, valuables and important paperwork should be kept behind in your room vault/ safe, while you set out on your days agenda.

Choose The Right Type Of Ground Transportation

It is safer to travel by bus or car instead of bikes, scooters or rickshaws. Statistics, the world over, show that most accidents occur with motor vehicles. So always opt for a vehicle in good working condition with usable seat-belts and check online for safety and track records of bus companies you intend to hire.

Emergency Car Kit

If the trip is a self-drive, or you are hiring a car at your destination, then please ensure you are properly equipped for all emergencies with a full car tool box, good condition step-knee, power bank for your mobile, torch, first-aid medical kit, some non-perishable food packets, drinking water, shawl/small blanket, physical list of emergency contact numbers at your destination and a physical map in case of poor coverage area.

Check With The Hotel Reception About Unexpected Visitors

Besides house-keeping and room-service, one does not really expect any visitors to your hotel room unless you are expecting someone. So if you have not asked for any of these services and neither are you expecting any guests, please check with reception immediately, before opening the door, in case they have not called to announce the visitor. It pays to be cautious, especially in sparsely populated hotels.

Always Run Through The Exit Map In Hotel Rooms On Checking In

Most of the time, we are busy checking out the amenities in our hotel rooms once we check in. However, it would be prudent to first run through the Exit Map, stuck on the back of your entrance door, so that you know which way to move in case of any emergency at the hotel.

Health And Travel Insurance

While we may think that this is hardly necessary on a short holiday because of our current fit physical condition, it is actually very sensible and beneficial to take a health and travel insurance policy, so that if any disaster strikes in the form of sudden sickness, accident, theft or loss, one can seek appropriate help and manage the sudden unforeseen expense.

Medical Prescriptions

Having your doctor write out a medical prescription for yourself and family in case of certain basic ailments that may strike you or if you are already under medication for a period of time, is important, so that you don’t have to run around for medical aid or doctors at new destinations and you can be helped in time in case of a medical emergency.

Check With Hotel Reception About Safety Of Areas

While exploring the new destination, we may not be familiar with the local areas and the precautions one needs to take in certain cases. Hence, before setting out for the day, it would always be helpful to check with the hotel reception on the nature of the neighbourhood or location you are travelling to and precautions to take, especially if you are on your own. Being locals, they could guide you on best mode of transport, approximate charges so that you are not fleeced and safe areas that you should stick to.

Protect Yourself

It is important to be as inconspicuous as possible in a new place so that you don’t stand out as a tourist, where people can take you for a ride. Dress appropriately, carry just enough cash or credit cards for use, without flashing them all around and do not befriend over-friendly strangers, claiming to assist you.

Keep Hotel Contact Information With You While Travelling

As you may not be familiar with the new destination, it would be advisable if you carry your hotel contact card/ information with you in case you are lost if roaming around on your own or meet with an accident.

Be Wary Of Guarding Or Carrying Items For Strangers

In today’s world of crime, drugs and contraband, it would serve you well to not be gullible and agree to help strangers with carrying excess luggage or guarding something for them, while they go around completing some task.

Women Safety

While we firmly believe in gender equality and freedom of choice, it is important to gel or fit in with the type of people at any new destination, instead of drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. Dress appropriately. Do not befriend or confide about yourself to anyone, unless known very well for a period of time and even then, do not venture out alone with them at night or to a deserted area.



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