Republic Day 2021 – History, Interesting Facts and Unique Features of India’s Republic Day 2021

“The great dream of raising a new India from the ashes of colonialism reached a historic denouement in 1947; more important, independence became a turning point for an equally dramatic narrative, nation-building. The foundations were laid through our Constitution, adopted on 26 January 1950, which we celebrate each year as Republic Day. Its driving principle was a compact between state and citizen, a powerful public-private partnership nourished by justice, liberty and equality…” — Dr. Pranab Mukherjee

Republic Day is just a week away and this year Indians will celebrate 72nd Republic Day on 26th January. Every year parade show is organized in the Capital of the nation where military bravery is presented by the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, Police Force, and Parliamentary forces at Rajpath. Along with this, the individuals of different states showcase beautiful tableaus presenting their rich heritage by performing several cultural activities. The unfurling of the National Flag, 21 Gun Salute, and recitation of “Jan Gan Man” surely fills every Indian with patriotism and makes Republic Day special for us.

But do you know why do we celebrate Republic Day? India celebrates Independence Day every 15th August and Republic Day was first Celebrated on 26th January 1950. Why 26 January is celebrated as Republic Day in India? If you are a bit confused then you are at the right place as here you’ll get every essential information that you need to know about Republic Day.

“Constitution is not a mere lawyers document, it is a vehicle of Life, and its spirit is always the spirit of Age.”
– Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

Republic Day is celebrated in India every 26th January to sanctify the date on which the Constitution of India came into existence. Let’s dig deeper and gain more information about Republic Day History. Under Colonialism, Britishers controlled many countries and India was one of them. After being governed for over 200 years and a profuse freedom struggle, India earned Independence from British rule. While India gained Independence but still it didn’t have a constitution of its own. India had laws but they were just a transformed version and were established by Britishers under the Government of India Act,1935. After two weeks of Independence, a Drafting Committee was designated and after extensive hard work of around three years, a permanent constitution of India was finally drafted. The day when the Constitution of India came into force is celebrated as Republic Day.

” Independence Day came, January 26th, 1930, and it revealed to us, in a flash, the earnest and enthusiastic mood of the country. There was something vastly impressive about the great gatherings everywhere, peacefully and solemnly taking the pledge of independence without any speeches or exhortation.” – Jawaharlal Nehru

Interesting Facts about the Constitution of India

The answer to the question – “why do we celebrate republic day” is clear. Republic Day is celebrated to mark the day when the present Constitution of India came into existence. Let’s talk about some interesting facts about the Constitution of India that you probably don’t know.

1. The present Central Hall of Parliament House is the place where the constituent assembly met for the first time on December 9, 1946, and the place is an essential part of Republic Day history.

2. In order to draft the constitution of India a Drafting Committee was appointed and was headed by the Chairman. Yes, you are thinking right! The Chairman of the Committee was B.R. Ambedkar, the father of the Constitution of India.

3. The Constitution of India is the lengthiest written constitution in the world. And the Drafting Committee took Two Years, Eleven Months, and Seventeen Days to complete this task.

4. On January 24th, 1950, the members of the Assembly two handwritten copies of the Constitution – one in English and one in Hindi.

5. On January 26, 1950, the Constitution of India was implemented replacing the Government of India Act (1950). On the same day, Dr. Rajender Prasad took an oath and became the very first President of India.

6. In the year 1929 on January 26, the Indian National Congress opposing British rule declared Purna Swaraj.

What makes Republic Day 2021 unique?

Republic Day Celebration is an important event for Indians and is a matter of pride. On this day, hoisting of the National Flag, the parade of Indian defense forces, cultural performances, and various tableaux takes place. Since the first Republic Day, India has been inviting a foreign dignitary as Chief Guest which also showcases India’s diplomatic relations with other countries. But this year things are going to be different due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Let’s know what will make Republic Day 2021 different from others.

This year, India would be celebrating Republic Day without a foreign dignitary as the chief guest of the event. For Republic Day 2021, India invited British Counterpart – PM Boris Johnson to grace the event. Due to the outbreak of the new Covid-19 cases, PM Boris has to cancel the India trip and informed the same on 5th January. The absence of a foreign dignitary as the chief guest of the Republic Day event hasn’t happened over half-decade and will surely make Republic Day 2021 unique.

Another first is the participation of a woman fighter pilot. Flight Lieutenant Bhawana Kanth is going to be the first woman fighter pilot to participate in Republic Day 2021 parade. So kudos to that!

However, there would be a shorter parade which would be concluded at India Gate instead of Red Fort. There is also a cap on the guest limit in consideration of the Coronavirus outbreak. This year only 25,000 people will be allowed to attend the parade and out of them, only 4,000 people from the general public will be allowed.

There is surely a unique sense of excitement in attending the live parade. Please note that the general public can buy tickets for attending the Republic Day Parade offline from authorized centers only and there is no online website for the same. Please be aware of the fraudster. If you have bought your ticket and planning to come to Delhi especially for the parade then click here for making online travel arrangements.

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