Reasons Why Solo Travel Is The Best Therapy

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“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost.”

Why Solo Travel Is The Best Therapy: It’s been more than a year since the world we knew changed. If you’re reading this now, congratulations, you survived a pandemic and also staying cooped up at home for long hours. Such a waste, to keep a wanderer’s soul caged. Such a crime, to tie down a heart that desires new roads to explore and wishes for endless cerulean skies. Staying at home asked a lot out of us. It pushed us, prodded us, pinched us and made us appreciate the outside more. We came together as one and wished for the ordeal to be over so that we can go back to beaches and backwaters, hidden lagoons, and uncharted adventures. You can also check the list of destinations for solo women travelers.

Here are the Quick Reasons Why Solo Travel Is The Best Therapy

1.Experience freedom
2.Learn to trust and count on yourself
3.Step out of your comfort zone, explore
4.Personal growth
5.Meet new people, make new memories
6.Take a leap of faith
7.Take a moment to breathe
8.Find yourself some me time

Experience freedom

Traveling brings with it freedom. Like Bunny says it, “Main udna chahta hoon, daudna chahta hoon, girna bhi chahta hoon … bus rukna nahi chahta.” Being in charge of your own decisions, finding your way by yourself, the independence to make a choice by yourself is surreal. Have you ever had the itch to just pack a bag and disappear? Get on a flight, a train, or a bus all by yourself and leave your stress behind in the place you’re running from? Maybe this time you should genuinely consider it. Travelling solo is an experience everyone deserves, at least once in their lifetime.

Learn to trust and count on yourself

Traveling itself is a wonderful teacher, but travelling solo is a whole university of experiences. The concrete jungle we’re all trying to survive in, takes more from us than we intend to give. The only way to travel solo is to book a ticket and just go. Don’t think about it, don’t second guess yourself, don’t hesitate. In our regular lives, we’re all trying to climb up the ladder in one way or another. We’re trying to please our family, our parents, our boss and a horde of other people. When stepping out on a solo adventure, the only person who you need to answer to is yourself. You’ll be the captain of the boat, steering yourself in the direction of what feels just the right thing to do.

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Step out of your comfort zone, explore

We have always tried to hold on to something to stay afloat in your life. Constantly clung to comfort and refused to step out of our comfort zone because, who has the time ya! Solo travelling pushes us out of our bubble. It makes us explore ourselves, makes us understand what we enjoy and what we don’t. We learn to trust ourselves and stand by the choices we make. Taking a break and traveling with nothing but yourself does a lot in the direction of putting these fears to the grave. One gets the confidence to take charge of a situation, to deal with sticky circumstances without wanting to run away. You find strength within you because there is no one but yourself there that you can count on.

Growth does not happen between four walls. We need to put ourselves out there, get uncomfortable and learn from the experiences that new things bring. The first time is always the toughest. It makes you question everything you know and makes you want to crawl back to all things familiar, but don’t quit. Once you’re back, these are the memories you’ll be sharing with everyone fondly whenever you get the opportunity.

why solo travel is the ultimate therapy

Meet new people, make new memories

Each one of us has a story to share. When we get out there and travel, we meet people. People from all walks of life that have so many things we could learn from. New places also bring with them new cultures and most importantly new food. Every culture on this planet is a world by itself. The different tastes and spices and flavors are the experiences we’ll hoard for the rest of our lives. These become the stories we’ll pass along to the generation after us and urge them to take the step we hesitated to take. Food brings people together, its communal experiences. Be it Manali or Kanyakumari, people huddled around a tapri eating snacks out of paper plates forge connections fancy dinners can never compete with. It doesn’t matter what place you visit, a pack of chips, garma-garam maggi, a few 500-rupee bills and a packet of chewing gum are still the best ice breakers on the planet.

Take a leap of faith

When was the last time you did something for the first time? When was the last time you took a leap of faith and said I’m doing this because I want to? Solo traveling gives you the chance to explore yourself. Your first time ziplining, first time booking a hotel by yourself, first time staying at a hostel, first time kayaking or river rafting, these experiences are the ones you’ll come back to when you need the push to take a step forward in the future. There is something religious about waking up in a quiet homestay or a hotel room in the morning and having that peace sink into your bones.

Take a moment to breathe

Living in a city gives us an attitude of ‘we want it’ and ‘we want it right now’, who can blame us though? If we miss one step, we’re behind on by a hundred. The fast-paced life never lets us take a moment to even consider relaxing. This is the gift solo travelling gives you. There is nothing more therapeutic than a chilly breeze on the mountain side or the salty sea breeze. All the stress about being something, being someone, doing something falls away and there is just you and the place connecting like a friend who was lost to time but found his way back. This larger than life feeling makes you focus on what you really need in life. It cleanses your mind and body. It heals your soul from within and gives you a better perspective in life. For once, it’ll make you want to slow down and absorb the world around you. Right from the destination, you’re at, to the food you’re eating, to the place you’re living, everything is suddenly amplified.

why solo travel is very important

Find yourself some me time

Ever opened your eyes underwater? All the things we see then have a smudgy outline, nothing is defined or concrete. All you can hear is the swoosh of the water and silence, the kind that presses right into your chest, the kind that lifts off the weight you didn’t know you were carrying. This is what solo traveling brings. You get to leave your guilt behind. You’re here to relax and have some me-time. There is a constant pressure to perform around people, but when you’re napping by yourself there is zero obligation to be anything but yourself. Walk down the promenade, take a hike by yourself, explore the trails around your homestay, try a different cafe every time you step out. It’s liberating to not please anyone and just live on your whims and fancies. If you want to know the best tips for a solo traveler, this is the best blog for you. You can share your solo travel experience in the comment section.

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