Qualities of Virat Kohli which touched us and inspired us to be a better traveller

Virat Kohli has conquered every format of the game with his fantastic form and sportsman skills which has proven him to be the greatest cricket of the all-time.

Today on his birthday, we would like to highlight few of his qualities which really touched us and made us a better traveler:

1. Cover Drive– Anything that is marginally over-pitched, the magnificent righty sweeps it around the covers to make a visual marvel. We all grew up watching the young boy mature as an international batting inspiration.

Well what we learned from the art of sweeping those cover drives is adjust ourselves in that A/C sleeper coach and sweep that blanket to cover the chilling night during those cold travel nights. Those are surely fun and adventure of its own.

2. Square Cut– That cut shot to the square goes like a tracer bullet. Even the best of the point fielders can’t catch it.

To this point, what we learnt is to catch the best seats in time. We always plan ahead, especially during the busy travel season when premium seats vanish like the leather ball contacted by Virat’s bat.

3. Pull Shot– That art of being able to see the ball approaching batsman’s chit and converting it into an astonishing boundary is what taught us to catch our luggage bags and get down from the bus when the driver would hit breaks for half a second.

You all can relate to it don’t you? Thank god we follow cricket and especially that pull shot of Kohli else pulling off that blinder from a bus in the middle of the road at midnight won’t be possible.

4. Consistency – The foremost thing which separates Virat Kohli from the cricketers all across the globe is his all-time consistency with the bat. He is dominating every format of the game by piling on plenty of runs every day. Since his debut in 2008, he has continuously focused on improving his batting skills and thus, we can say that with each passing day, Kohli is becoming stronger and almost unbeatable. He has broken a plethora of records and has been creating new records as well.

5. Incredible Fitness – Virat Kohli has set an example of fitness for the young cricketers. He has given his first priority to his health and has trained his body exceptionally well. We regularly see how fast he runs between the wickets because of which many youngsters and cricketers have followed him.

Kohli has maintained his body a lot and has always looked in great shape, which makes him even stronger and which is what separates him from other cricketers. He follows a strict diet plan to keep himself focused, confident, and determined towards cricket.

You need a fit body and sound mind to take on the adventurous journey’s. Virat Kohli is yet another live example that if you win your mind and body over no path is impossible. With the given pandemic it is very important for every traveler to keep his health in check. Not only for himself but also for the sake of others.

6. Commitment towards the game – Virat Kohli has not just set the benchmark in cricket with his classic batting but has also shown extraordinary dedication towards the game on many occasions. He has always been very passionate about cricket and has always been respectful and committed to the game.

If you get this right, then you can achieve all the above-mentioned qualities. Your commitment towards a destination makes you manage your daily routine efficiently and enables you to achieve a sustainable personal development with keeping your work life in check. Remember if you are committed enough then no journey is long or impossible.

7. Say no to pressure – Kohli is a batsman who flourishes under pressure and that is a sign of a true achiever. He loves to bat second and that brings out the best from him. For any aspiring professional, the quality to deliver under the most intense pressure is worth achieving

Jo Dar Gaya Vo Samjho……………… We hope it never comes to that for anyone.

Here is another great thing that we can learn from Virat Kohli, the ability to keep moving under pressure and not giving up under situations where the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be bleak.

For your peaceful journey we ensure that you have our support by keeping every security measure in check, bringing you all the routes to book from and best in class bus operators on our platform at your service.

8. Leadership skills – Yes, the man is known for his temperament on the field but that is something related more with the game than anything personal. Kohli has even earned respect and love from a country like Pakistan for his broadminded viewpoints. This is a quality worth imitating.

India have a 60% winning percentage in Test matches under Virat Kohli and he recently surpassed Sourav Ganguly for the highest wins in overseas Tests as a captain and has also helped the team to seal the No. 1 ranking in Tests. India have a 71.83%-win percentage in ODIs under Kohli and has a 65% winning percentage in T20Is. With a very short career as captain, he has led from the front both as a batsman and as a cricketer.

We are here to help you maximize your travel goals, we are here to encourage you to take the routes you have been planning and shelving from a very long time.

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