My First Bus Ticket Booking Experience In Abhibus

Oh God!…….these youngsters. We can’t do without them and get upset when they don’t have time for us and patience to deal with our issues. And at the same time, when they do spend time with us, we don’t quite know how to deal with them and their crazy ways in this new gadget crazy world !

I am a 75 year old woman ( a widow), retired quite a few years ago from an Insurance company and now live in Pune with my son, daughter-in-law and grandson who is 19 years old. And believe me when I say, my grandson Raj drives me crazy……even though I love him with all my heart !

All I see him do these days is rush out to college after breakfast with his headphones plugged into his ears, barely muttering one ‘Bye’ to all of us and waving out like a filmstar and then again, see him come home early evening with headphones still plugged in, wish us ‘Hi’ in the same style and rush into his bedroom to flop on the bed with his cellphone. What to do with these children??? If I call out to him for some work or just to ask him something, he yells out ‘Coming……’ and doesn’t turn up for another 15 mins till I yell out again. He is always busy watching some videos, matches, playing games and even reads the news and important articles on his cell phone. At times when his mother scolds him for not studying, he says he is reading important economic news articles which he has subscribed for. So how does one know when he is doing what ?!!

Ok….ok…enough of complaining. The reason, I am giving all these details is to explain how the new generation thinks. 2 months ago, when I called out to Raj to help me book train tickets to Mumbai so that I can visit my daughter and her family who stay there, he looked at me with surprise and asked me why I wanted to run up and down bridges at a station when I could travel comfortably to Mumbai in a luxury bus from point to point and ask them to pick me up after coordinating with them on the mobile phone. I was surprised with his thoughtfulness and agreed it would be a good idea. You see, normally I have always been driven down to Mumbai by my son who travels there on work or we decide to go for a weekend. But this time, he did not have any work in Mumbai and Raj was preparing for his college exams, so we would not be able to leave for some time. But I was stubborn and wanted to see and help my daughter who was sick and recovering from Jaundice. My son was not comfortable sending me alone in a cab either.

So I asked Raj when would he be able to go to the bus station and book my tickets, to which he laughed ! When I looked at him angry, he explained that everything was available on the mobile phone itself and told me to use my cellphone and follow his instructions carefully. Now that really annoyed me as I was only comfortable making and receiving calls and had only just learnt to sms and what’s app, all thanks to Raj forcing me to learn. When I refused and told him not to trouble me further and just help me for once….he said ‘Daadi, why don’t you want to learn and be independent, when you are such a smart woman. This way, you won’t have to depend on anyone anymore!’. What could I say ??

He then said that it was really very easy and patiently explained step-by-step, while I did as he said, how to log on to a site (recommended by a friend and researched by him on his cell). He showed me how to enter my details of origin and destination city and choose a luxury bus suited to my timing and cost and how to make payment online. Really….I never thought it could be so easy to do this, all on your finger-tips and in no time…..just because of my laadla Raj ! I was actually proud of myself and the fact that I did my bookings by myself for the first time without harassing anybody else. It felt good !

My bus journey was good too. The bus was on time at the boarding point and we reached the drop point in Mumbai safely and in reasonable time. And all this was possible only because the bus ticket booking process was so easy and because of my Raj !

2 months later……..It’s time to book my ticket to Mumbai again now !


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  1. atif says:

    Thats so great. I hope to us this soon

  2. loganthan says:

    yeah me tooo………………..!

  3. loganthan says:

    thanks……….. form abhibus

  4. mansi desai says:


    thanks for this posting ,this will happen with me in last month ,


    mansi desai

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