My Best Time

Weekend StoryI grew up in Bombay and have happy childhood memories of weekends. I come from an upper middle class family and my parents both worked, so weekends were strictly family time.  Dad would always take us to the beach and treat us to coconut water and peanuts which we as kids relished and were satisfied.

Nowadays my perfect weekend begins at home in my little home with my husband and son. On Friday we usually watch TV.  A good takeout is on the menu and for entertainment, we’d invite both our families over for dinner.  I am a home bird and prefer a cosy Saturday night in over a glamorous night out. If I haven’t met up with my friends for a while, we’ll try and catch up. But if it’s been a heavy week, we skip it for another day.

My weekends are always flawsome with my awesome family who cover all my flaws.


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