Lockdown Status – Eased & Extended

Finally, there is a reason to cheer. The number of new and active cases are going down. India has collectively worked out a plan to curb rising covid cased and it seems that the worst is finally over.

To go in tandem with the reducing case count and lower positivity rate, several states have relaxed their lockdown restrictions, while the other states have extended lockdown. Here’s the update on the lockdown situation in the country.

The Telangana government has extended lockdown till the 19th of June, with relatively easier restrictions –
– Curbs will be relaxed every day from 6 am to 5 pm and there will be an extra 1 hour of the grace period. This means that the strict lockdown period in Telangana will be 6 PM to 6 AM from June 10th onwards.
– Areas such as Khammam, Nalgonda and Nagarjuna Sagar among others, will continue to have relaxation up to 2 PM only, given the intensity of the number of daily cases.

Andhra Pradesh:
The ongoing lockdown in AP has been extended till the 20th of June.
– Two more hours of relaxation up to 2 pm from 6 am to facilitate economic activity. This comes as a relief to officer goers, workers and pretty much everyone whose livelihood is linked to going out to work.
– Authorities to allow the working of public/private offices from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm in a day

Kerala state government has extended the lockdown period till the 16th of June.
– All shops will be closed on weekends.
– Shops selling essentials, raw materials for industries and building materials will be allowed to open on weekdays.
– Banks will continue to operate on alternative days — Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
– Stationery shops, jewellery shops, shoe shops, textiles and opticals will be allowed to open on June 11, for a day, from 7 am to 7 pm.
– The vehicle showrooms can start functioning for the maintenance works from June 11, but sale and other operations will not be allowed.
– Government and partially-government institutions, public sector, corporations and commissions will start functioning from June 17 with 50% staff.

The Karnataka state government has relaxed the restrictions. The lockdown will continue till the 14th of June with the following updated regulations-
– Essential stores are functional from 6 am to 10 am.
– The movement of people has been restricted except for emergencies and vaccination purposes.
– The time period for essential services will be from 6 am to 10 am, after which all shops must close.
– Only construction, manufacturing & agriculture sectors will be allowed.
– Public transport will also remain shut.

Tamil Nadu:
The lockdown in Tamil Nadu is extended up to June 14th with tweaked norms –
– Sale of vegetables and fruits allowed
– Tasmac outlets, tea stalls, standalone shops other than those selling groceries, vegetables and fruits, commercial malls, textile and jewellery showrooms and cinema theatres will remain closed.
– No activity in containment zones across the state.
Curbs on public and private bus transport and metro rail will continue.

A five-level plan to unlock Maharashtra has come into force from Monday. While the state will remain under lockdown till June 15th, certain relaxations have been in districts based on the positivity rate and occupancy of oxygenated beds.

Full List of Activities Allowed in Five-Levels:

– Local Trains: The local train services will not be thrown open for the general public. It will be restricted for medical and essential services.
– Shops dealing with essential items: In Level 1 and 2, they will function as usual. In Level 3 and 4, they will have to stay shut after 4 pm on all days.
– Shops dealing with non-essential items: They will function normally in Level 1 and 2, and remain closed after 4 pm in Level 3. They will not be allowed to open at all in Level 4 and Level 5.
– Shopping Malls, PVRs: They can resume normal operations in districts under ‘Level 1’, however in Level 2, these establishments will have to function with 50 per cent capacity. In Level 3,4, and 5, Malls, theatres and multiplexes will remain shut.
– Restaurants/Eateries: In Level 1, restaurants can open normally, while in Level 5, only home delivery is allowed. In Level 2, restaurants will have to run with 50% capacity. In Level 3, they can have a 50% capacity till 4 pm on weekdays. In Level 4, only parcel and takeaway services are allowed.

Delhi has begun the process of unlocking from the 31st of May. The lockdown will continue till the 14th of June, with a new set of rules effective from 7th June.
1. The Delhi Metro from Monday resumed service with 50 per cent seating capacity. However, only half of the available trains have been inducted into service.
2. Malls, markets and market complexes (except weekly markets) will open between 10 am to 8 pm on an odd-even basis in accordance with their shop numbers.
3. Besides the markets and malls, standalone shops also reopened in the city adding a hint of busy city life.
4. Private offices will also be allowed to open with 50 per cent staff.
5. Group A officers in government offices are allowed to work while only 50 per cent of staff of other categories will attend office.
6. Electricians, plumbers, and repairing of water purifiers are allowed to begin working.
7. Liquor shops can also open on an odd-even basis within the prescribed timings.
1. Theatres will remain closed in Delhi.
2. Dine-in restaurants, spas, bars, gyms, barbershops will also remain closed.
3. Shops pertaining to entertainment/amusement services are not permitted to function.

Uttar Pradesh:
UP lifts lockdown restrictions in all districts. Only the night curfew and weekend curfew will be continued. The guidelines also state that-
– Markets will be open from 7am to 7pm on weekdays
– Schools, gyms and colleges will remain shut.
– The night curfew and weekend curfew will continue.
– Home delivery from restaurants will also be permitted.

The Gujarat government has revised the lockdown restrictions in the state and allowed the shops to remain open from June 4,the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions in the state till June 11. As per the fresh order-
– All shops in 36 cities of the state will be allowed to open from 9 am to 6 pm.
– Home delivery by restaurants can now be done till 10 pm daily.

Punjab has opted for graded relaxations in the new guidelines that will remain in effect till the 15th of June.
– Shops are permitted to stay open till 6pm.
– Private offices can function at 50% capacity.
– Restaurants and gyms can open after one week with 50% capacity.
– Night curfew enforced from 7pm to 6am.
– State entry restrictions have been removed.

Lockdown in Goa has been extended till June 14th.
– Timings of essential shops increased: 7am- 3pm
– Shops & stores related to building repairs, monsoon preparedness, rain protection and stationery items have been allowed to open.

As covid infections in the state have reduced, the statewide lockdown will be coming to an end.
– Government & private offices will be allowed to be open till 4pm with 50% capacity
– Opening hours of shops have been extended to 5pm
– No restrictions on the movement of private vehicles
– Night curfew will remain in force between 7pm to 5am

Jharkhand has extended the lockdown till June 10.
Nagaland has extended the lockdown till June 11.
West Bengal has extended restrictions till June 15.
Assam has extended the restrictions till June 15.
Madhya Pradesh has extended curfew with eased restrictions till June 15.
Odisha has extended lockdown till June 17.
Chhattisgarh has extended lockdown till further orders.

Finally, as we approach an easier world out there, we request you to stay cautious, keep all precautions necessary to keep yourself Covid free and yes, Get Vaccinated.

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