Last Minute Bus Ticket Booking

Thought I must share this with you guys ! Yesterday two of my crazy friends rushed into my home after work around 8.30 pm, all excited and talking together about doing a trip to Lonavla the next day, which is today !

I thought they had gone mad and told them so but they  explained that they had been discussing the idea since morning that day. …had tried calling me,  but since I didn’t respond ( I recall I  missed that one since I was in a meeting ) they went ahead with their planning and decided to convince me after work !

I tried to make them understand that responsible  and working people don’t just take off without intimation and anyway it was too late to plan anything for the next day,  including our booking of transportation and stay. But they refused to give up the idea and  managed to convince me that this would just be a 2 day thing and none of us have really ever bunked work before this. ….. so for once we should just let go of our fears and enjoy the moment.  Fortunately,  we’re still unmarried and nothing else to tie us down… i decided to give in.

On sharing my fear about rushing to the bus station early next morning, my friend made a grand announcement that there was no need to worry and rush as we could book our tickets online even at this late hour and still get to Lonavla without any trouble.  So while I looked at her with disbelieving eyes,  she went ahead and logged onto directly. ……asked if we were ok with taking the 5.30 am volvo bus through Neeta Travels and paid up the fare of a very reasonable Rs 400/- for each ticket. ……all in the blink of an eye ! I was amazed and annoyed that I was not aware of this option and new technology. This way, we would reach Lonavla at a good time of approx 9 am and have the whole day to enjoy.

Everything went off according to plan ……… and here I am enjoying a delicious meal with lassi, jalebis and rabdi at a fantastic dhaba ! The weather is awesome and the light rains just add to the beauty.  We also got lucky and managed to get a nice room in a small,  cute hotel.

Seriously, it really feels good to do masti for a change and live in the moment. Of course, we have AbhiBus to thank for getting us here  at the last minute, safe and on time.

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  1. ANITA SARKAR says:

    Last minute bus ticket booking is very essential to every people…thanks for the post.

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