Kochi Travel Guide – Best Places For One Day Trip in Kochi 2021

Best Places For One Day Trip in Kochi 2021
Kochi – the port city of India witnessed the rule of many foreign powers – Dutch, Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese, and British which manifested the character of the city and made it what it is today – A beautiful rainbow of history and culture. Your visit to Kerala is incomplete without one day trip in Kochi. The glorious past along with colonial architecture make Kochi one of the finest destinations in India.

There are a plethora of Kochi tourist places that entice a large number of visitors every year mainly because of its unblemished natural beauty. If you are not sure what to pick out of all places to visit in Cochin in 1 day, then check out our ultimate list of Best Places for one day trip in Kochi 2021. Take a look and decide!

Best Places For One Day Trip in Kochi 2021

1. Marine Drive
2. St. Francis Church
3. Kathakali Centre
4. Paradesi Synagogue
5. Elephant Training Centre
6. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
7. Folklore Museum
8. Fort Kochi Beach
9. Fishing Villages
10. Kalaripayattu

#Marine Drive
Places For One Day Trip in Kochi 2021
Avoid the hustle-bustle of traveling and spend one fine evening with your travel partner at Marine Drive to comprehend what Kochi truly is. Here, you can experience the mesmerizing beauty of backwaters and get allured by the gentle breeze. After all, what can be more soothing than sitting facing the vast sea and enjoying the scrumptious food from the nearby stalls? One of the places to visit in Kochi for couples, there are several fancy restaurants on Marine Drive for a romantic dinner date. Marine Drive represents Kochi and one of the places to visit in Cochin in 1 day.

Location – 3kms away from Kochi Railway Station
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#St. Francis Church
Kochi near by places
If you are thinking that why we have added St. Francis Church to our ultimate list of Best Places for one day trip from Kochi 2021, then let us tell you that St. Francis Church is not an ordinary Church. It was built in the year 1503 by the Portuguese and the church also served as an original burial place for Vasco Da Gama. Do you remember Vasco Da Gama? The highly successful Portuguese sailor who discovered the sea route to India. After fourteen years of his death, the body was moved to Lisbon. Coming back to St. Francis Church, it narrates the spiritual lives of the old world and highly visited by travelers on their one day drip in Kochi.

Location – Head Post Office, Saint Francis Church Road, Kochi

#Kathakali Centre
romantic place to visit in Kochi
Kochi is an integral part of Kerala and so is Kathakali – the traditional dance form of the state. The dance form is renowned for its depiction of epic tales and colorful costumes. Kathakali Center was established in the year 1990 with a motive to promote the traditional art form. On your one day trip in Kochi, visit the center and appreciate the fascinating performance.

Location – KB Jacob Rd, Fort Nagar, Kochi
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#Paradesi Synagogue
tourist places in Kochi 2021
The Jewish Synagogue in Kochi commonly known as Paradesi Synagogue is the oldest of its kind in the Commonwealth of Nations. There is an interesting story behind the local name of the Synagogue. As in colonial times, it was mostly visited by Jews of East and Europe, who were ‘Paradesi’ (foreigners) for Indians, the locals started calling it Paradesi Synagogue. The Synagogue is extremely beautiful restoring art in its original form. The gold pulpit, willow pattern floor tiles, Belgian Chandelier, the tower clock, etc adds to its grace.
Location – Synagogue Ln, Mattancherry, Kochi

#Elephant Training Centre
tourist places in Kochi
They say that an Elephant never forgets but they don’t tell that even you can never forget an Elephant because they are so damn cute. If you are planning a one-day road trip from Kochi, then a small village named Kodanad which is also home to an Elephant Training Centre is an ideal getaway destination for you. While being here you can get indulged in a unique experience of playing with the Elephants and make your version of “Haathi Mera Saathi”.

Location – Vallon Panamkuzhi Road, Malayattoor PO, Kaprikad, Kerala

#Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
Vallon Panamkuzhi Road, Malayattoor PO, Kaprikad, Kerala
The most beautiful spot to meet visitors with wings, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary should definitely be on your route map on your one day trip in Kochi if you are a nature lover. Situated just 3 km away from Kochi, the bird sanctuary gives you an opportunity to observe different species of feathered friends and relax in their melodious voice. The unique factor about Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is that birdies from all around the world migrate here on a seasonal basis which adds on to the attraction and makes the experience even more special.

Location – Kavanattinkara, Kumarakom, Kerala

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#Folklore Museum
Folklore Museum
Are you interested in knowing the history and lost culture of Kochi in one place? Then don’t forget to add Folklore Museum to your destination list for one day trip in Kochi. The museum is the storehouse of the lost pride of the state conserving some of the rare artifacts such as watercolor on paper, oil on canvas, Kindi, etc. The Museum is also famous by the name Mrs. and Mr. George Thaliath and is a private museum run by a family. The most unique thing about Folklore Museum is that you can sell your fine arts or antique collection here.

Location – Thevara Ferry Road, Junction, Kochi.

#Fort Kochi Beach
Thevara Ferry Road, Junction, Kochi
The perfect spot in Kochi to get your Instagram picture – Fort Kochi beach is all about beauty and perfect landscape. Several houses are located near the beach which were built by British traders and still holds the charm of the colonialism era. Plan an evening stroll on your one day trip in Kochi to end your trip on a satisfying note.
Location – Fort Kochi Beach, Kochi, Kerala

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#Fishing Villages
Fishing Villages
Witness the unique way of fishing through Chinese Fishing nets at Fishing Villages and buy fish from the fishmongers. Well, this came out as a tongue twister. On your list of places to visit in cochin in 1 day, the fishing villages deserve a spot at the location is said to be the most picturesque destination at Kochi. The technique was introduced by a Chinese Traveler Zheng He. The traveler moved on with his journey but the technique stayed here with the people of Kochi.

One of the oldest forms of Martial Art – Kalaripayattu offers a nail-biting experience to its visitors. It involves trained men and women fighting with Val Parija (Sword and Shield) showcasing their caliber and the best one wins. The fight gives goosebumps and a sense of adventure to the audience. If you are willing to understand the culture of Kerala then you must watch Kalaripayattu performance on your one day trip in Kochi.
Location – Various Locations

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Kochi is packed up with tourist destinations and it is impossible to cover all of them in one day. We have picked out the best places in Kochi for you, now it’s your turn to shortlist the most suitable ones based on your interest and expectation from Kochi. We hope that your one day trip in Kochi turns out to be great. Whichever travel destination you choose, Abhibus is all set to fulfill your travel needs.

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