Kerala RTC Reduces Bus Fare within state for three days a week

Kerala RTC has announced that Wednesday onwards there will be a reduction of fares for the bus services within the state. The reduced fare will be applicable only on Fast Passenger, Super-Fast Passenger, Express and Deluxe busses. And the fare for the ordinary buses will remain unchanged.

Kerala RTC Reduces Bus Fare

As per the authorities, a drop of 25% in the fare from Tuesday to Thursday will be applicable. The Kerala RTC had increased the fare in the wake of pandemic but now are being revised to pre Covid levels for the said three days of the week. And on the remaining four days of the week the fare will remain the same as it was during the early months of the pandemic.

The current minimum fare for Fast Passenger busses is Rs. 14, for Super-Fast buses is Rs 20, Rs 28, for Super Express buses is Rs 35 and for Super Air Express buses and Super Deluxe buses fare is Rs 40.

The primary reason behind reducing the price is the drop in passenger turnout for long-distance services within the state. Therefore, to promote the intra-state travel via Kerala RTC buses the decision of reducing the fare has come into play.

As an initiative to build more revenue the Kerala RTC has started renting out its double-decker buses for photoshoots in Thiruvananthapuram.
You can now rent a double-decker bus for 8 hours and up to 50 km distance limit at Rs. 4,000 only. This service is currently only available in Thiruvananthapuram and will soon start in Kochi and Kozhikode. It has also announced a discount for photoshoot bookings until December. The Kerala RTC has also announced a commission for agents who come forward to book photoshoots on the bus.

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