How to Reach Bhairavakona temple – History, Timings, Waterfalls

Bhairavakona Temple – Lord Shiva in Eight Different Forms

Bhairavakona Temple

All of us are aware of Tridev – Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. But have you ever witnessed worshipping of Trimurti at one place? There are only a few temples in India where you can testify this particular thing and Bhairavakona Temple is one of them. Bhairavakona derived its name from a renowned legend that once Kaala Bhairava reigned in this region. It is said that Kaala Bhairav Swamy guards the location.

The historic temple – Bhairavakona Temple is established at Kothapalli-Ambavaram villages, near Chandrasekarapuram in Prakasam district adjoining Nellore and Kadapa districts. The temple is an archaeologists delight with numerous rock-cut temples carved in the 7th century A.D by expert sculptors.

The fascinating thing about the temple is that eight temples devoted to Lord Shiva have been carved out from single rock. In each temple devotees can find Shiva in different form resulting in Eights forms of Shiva named as – Shashinaga, Rudra, Visweswara, Nagarikeswara, Bhargeswara, Rameswara, Mallikarjuna and Pakshamalika Linga.

History of Bhairavakona Temple

History of Bhairavakona Temple

As per historians and archaeologists, the Bhairavakona Temple History dates back to the 7th century. The most common legend associated with the temple is that once Kaala Bhairav prevailed here and that’s how it was renamed, Bhairavakona Temple. Another celebrated legend is the story of a shepherd named Bhairava Kondiah. As per the story, a long time ago there was a shepherd who used to visit this region to feed his cattle. As the flocks increased, Bhairava Kondiah observed a shortage of water.

The shepherd, Bhairava Kondiah visited the nearby spring and worshipped God to provide enough water to satisfy the thirst of his cattle or he would sacrifice his head. To his astonishment, the water began to spring up where the flocks quenched their thirst. The grateful shepherd went to his village and shared the miracle with his villagers.
The very next day, Kondiah and other villagers visited the same region with all the offerings to worship god. All the villagers went back but grateful Kondiah stayed and sacrificed his head. As his relatives started searching for him, they found Kondiah’s body at the same place, and in his memory, they made a funeral over there.
Even today one can witness plenty of water flowing in the spring. This can be another source from where the temple derived its name – Bhairava Kona.

Nature at its best at Bhairavakona Temple

Nature at its best at Bhairavakona Temple

Situated in the heart of Nallamala Hills, the temple is a paradise for nature lovers. Enchanted by the beauty of roaring falls, encircled by lush green forests and scenic mountains are some of the unique features of Bhairavakona Temple. The falls dropping from a height of 200 meters offer a breathtaking view. Some visitors find it as beautiful as Niagara Falls and named it the Chota Niagara. The water from the falls starts from Lingala Penta runs for over 5 km and approaches Lakshmi, Parvathi, and Saraswathi lake. It further streams and reaches Triveni Sangamam and Chitrakota lakes and then passes in front of the deity. Indeed, the best time to visit the temple is in monsoon to savor the falls to the fullest. But whether it’s raining or not, you can always relish the beauty of the falls and savor the soothing sound. Bhairavakona Temple is a place where historical architecture, devotion, and the charm of nature meet.

Pooja Timings of Bhairavakona Temple

Pooja Timings of Bhairavakona Temple

Bhairavakona Temple timings is from morning to evening. There are multiple pooja rituals performed at Bhairavakona Temple. The opening time of the Temple is 07:30 AM when believers can visit for Darshan in the temple. Devotees can ask for a special pooja such as Kumkum Archana performed for the Goddess from 07:30 AM to 12:00 PM, Abhishekam from 07:30 AM to 12:00 PM, and Abhishekam for Naga Siva Linga to get relieved from the Naga Dosha. There is a break time from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM. After this, devotees can visit for Sarva Darshan from 02:00 PM to 06:00 PM. Please note that pooja timings may differ on festival days.

Kartika Purnima and Maha Shivratri are celebrated in the Bhairavakona Temple with great fervor. There are some unique features of Bhairavakona Temple as well such as the presence of 101 Siva Linga and no neem tree around the temple. Also, you can’t find even a single crow in the temple. It is said that the absence of crows implies relief from Shani. Sounds interesting, right? Why don’t you check it out! Plan a trip to Bhairavakona Temple and scroll down to find out How to reach Bhairavkona Temple.

How to reach Bahiravakona temple?

Located in the heart of the Nallamala forest, it is quite easy to travel to Bhairavakona especially with AbhiBus.

You can travel by both bus and train but there are no direct trains to the pilgrimage site.

The nearest railway station to Prakasam District is Giddalur. Bhairavakona Temple is approximately 44kms away from Giddalur. You can board a direct bus to Bhairavkona from Bangalore, Ongole, Kanigiri, Nellore, and badvel. Check the bus routes to Bhairavkona Temple here.

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