How To Plan A Stress-Free Vacation

How To Plan A Stress-Free VacationLife is stressful! At least most of us get stressed with the various situations and upheavals in life….some mildly and for some stress is a way of life which can get quite harmful health-wise! Hence, a periodic holiday or vacation is the only ‘medicine’, anti-dote or stress-buster which helps one feel relaxed and regain sanity! But if the vacation itself, turns out stressful for different reasons, and you feel you need another one to help you recover, then God help you!

So, here are a few tips to help you sail through a stress-free holiday/ vacation……Go Enjoy!

1 – Decide or set a collective goal for your trip

Travelling solo lets you set the pace and do as you please but travelling with others can become extremely stressful at times, because everyone has a different set of preferences. Your partner or kids may want a beach day, while you prefer exploring the place and sight-seeing. What if your friends expected this trip to be a party weekend, while you’ve been looking forward to bubble baths and watching movies in your hotel bed? When planning your vacation with other people, it’s important to understand and set a collective goal for the upcoming trip—are you aiming for relaxation, adventure, romance, or celebration? Doing this will avoid those awkward moments when you realize that your expectations differ from theirs. It will also help avoid the unnecessary stress of trying to do everything to please everyone.

2 – Do your research in advance

It is and always will be a good idea to do as much research as you can about your destination. Look into everything from travel, public transportation, hotel stay, restaurant options, cab estimates, and visa requirements. The more you know before you leave, the better equipped you will be………leaving you stress-free.

3 – Keep a loose, flexible itinerary

It’s important to remember that unplanned events can account for a lot of your vacation time. A delayed flight, unplanned snooze or cancelled tour could throw your entire itinerary off. It’s important to plan some activities for specific days, but leave some days completely open. Learn to go with the flow. We all have ideas of what we want to see and do at a location, but planning every single event down to the last minute keeps you worrying about the time instead of enjoying what is right in front of you. When your schedule’s flexible, you’re not rushing to complete everything on your travel wish list. Instead you’re at liberty to do a little exploring on your own, catch up on that much desired sleep at the beach for a few hours, or relax doing just nothing at a cafe over a steaming hot mug of coffee! You learn to enjoy the down time, which is the entire reason you went on a vacation in the first place.

4 – Pack light and sensibly

We all like to be comfortable and well prepared when travelling but sometimes that results in overpacking. Too much luggage makes travel only more difficult—getting to and from the airport, waiting to check into your hotel, dealing with baggage claim—that much more difficult. Keep your clothing options and accessories easy and smart and only pack the necessities. Extra stuff like hair-dryers, fancy multiple shoes, heavy jackets etc should be done away with. It’s definitely not funny lugging around and stressing over minding several bags. It’s better to underpack and be comfortable than to overpack and be exhausted.

5 – Don’t Stress About The State Of Your House Before You Leave

So, you’re setting off on a vacation and are all packed and ready to leave early next day. Suddenly, you realize your house is in quite a mess and you should stay up late putting things back in order, just to make sure it is spotless for when you come home after the holiday. Many of us go through this dilemma, especially the cleanliness freaks. But actually, this is a wrong thing to do. It would be wise to let it go. If you do not get any sleep before your trip, you will only get cranky, irritable and want to rest once you’ve reached your destination, throwing all your plans out of gear. The house cleaning and other small things can wait until you come back. And to ease the stress further, it would make sense if a few days prior to leaving for the holiday, you calmly prepared a list of important to-do’s in the house so that you don’t need to go dashing around in a mad panic till the last minute, worried that you will forget something.

6 – Remind yourself this is a vacation

In order to have a stress-free vacation, you have to relax. In today’s working environment, work is intertwined with our lives and we never shut it off. But when you are on a vacation, you got to remember that you have a life too! Turn off notifications for work, social media, and apps, and maybe even turn off your phone for a few hours. The world will not end with you gone for a few weeks and if you are away from home, something can probably wait at least a few hours until you check your messages again. You earned these hours off for a reason — without them, you’re bound to burn out. Enjoy your trip and keep the stress levels low by having an open mind, disconnecting, and not fretting over the small things.

7 – Plan proactively and define “emergency”

Prepare for your absence at work in the week before you leave. Let key colleagues and clients know that you will be away, and either pause your projects or hand them over temporarily to another colleague or team down the line. It’s also important to explain to your team in which drastic or emergency situations they should contact you. Empower your team and let them know which responsibilities they need to take over in your absence. This paves the way for a smooth break, away from your workplace.

8 – Don’t try too hard!

Very often, when we look forward to something and work too hard at making it perfect, things/ plans uncannily go for a toss! Tons of pressure to make that long-awaited vacation perfect, can end up backfiring on you. So while it is important to plan and chart out your itinerary to avoid stressful situations later, you should also be open to enjoying whatever presents itself at that moment instead of stubbornly trying to stick to your plan. If something does not go exactly as planned, just let it go. Sometimes the best memories you make on vacation are those that unexpectedly come from a good conversation, an impromptu excursion, a tasty meal, and the wonderful people around you.

A stress-free vacation is definitely possible. Just chill, go with the flow, and have fun!


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