6 Historical tourist places in Aurangabad that need to be on your list.

Looking for a change? Here are a few historical places to visit in Aurangabad (2021). Founded in 1610, it was Aurangazeb’s seat of power for the last two decades of his life. AURANGABAD is a city in Maharashtra that is around 560 kms from Hyderabad. Aurangabad is heading towards rapid industrial growth and yet retains all the old-world charm. It’s a city that saw various empires on its soil and carries the mark from each of them. Powerful rulers of different communities, religion, cultures have left behind a melting pot of history that is to be explored and marvelled at. Here are a few must-visit tourist places for when you plan to make the trip to Aurangabad.

Here are the best places to visit in Aurangabad-
1. Ajanta caves
2. Ellora caves
3. Bibi ka maqbara
4. Ghrishneshwar temple
5. Daulatabad fort
6. Soneri Mahal

Ajanta caves
Ajanta caves is one of the best tourist places in Aurangabad. Located around 99 kms from the town of Aurangabad, lie the Ajanta Caves that are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They were discovered by British Officers in the 19th century, while they were on a hunt. These caves are a landmark in the Buddhist culture for they depict the various stories of it. Various stories from the Jataka tales are seen sculpted in the form of figurines and sculptures here. It is evident from the observation that this used to be a seat of learning for the Brahmans. Located deep in the wilderness this was a refuge for the learned to come and connect to spirituality. Filled with culture that dates to 200 B.C. and 650 A.D., these caves are a must-visit to know more about the cultural history of our country. The Mumbai Pune Expressway is one of the best routes to here. Book your tickets from Mumbai here.

Ellora caves
Ellora Caves are another world heritage site that Aurangabad boasts of. Carved during 350 A.D. to 700 A.D. This chain of caves was built by the Rashtrakuta dynasty of the Buddhist clan and Yadav group of the Jains. These structures represent the three faiths of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. The beautiful way in which these cultures are depicted respectively is what makes these caves extraordinary. Some of the structures in these caves are carved out of a single monolith, nearly taking a century to finish. Some of the caves even have two religions in one place, showing how much learning mattered and how much people revered knowledge without boundaries. If you are a history buff that is enthusiastic about all things ancient and cultural, these caves are a one-day picnic spot that should be on your list.

Bibi ka Maqbaras
‘Taj of the Deccan’, that is what it’s called. Bibi ka Maqbara is a mausoleum built by Aurangazeb in the memory of his wife Dilras Banu Begum. This is also one of the famous places to go as a couple. Dilras Banu Begum was a Persian princess married to Aurangazeb and earned a place in his heart as his favourite wife. After the birth of her fifth child, Dilras Banu Begum contracted a deadly fever and soon passed. Aurangazeb was deeply affected by his wife’s death and constructed this beautiful monument to honour her. Dilras was buried under the posthumous title of ‘Rabia-ud-Daurani’. Love transcends time. For a man, an emperor, that is known for his frugality, efficiency, and dedication to the state, Aurganzeb sure had a soft spot for his wife. Take the time to go explore this wonder and make sure you some good coupe pictures with your partner when you are in Aurangabad. This is one of the most aesthetic places for a couple’s photoshoot.

Ghrishneshwar temple
Ghrishneshwar Temple is a revered temple, located in the state of Maharashtra. It lies only half a kilometer away from the Buddhist caves of Ellora and serves as an abode of one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple was built under the patronage of Queen Ahilyabai Holkar, one of the rulers of the erstwhile state of Indore. It is one of the smallest Jyotirlingas but is one of the most sacred and important pilgrimage sites in India. There is an interesting legend that surrounds this temple, that of Kusuma, a devotee of Lord Shiva. Kusuma regained her murdered son with her inherent devotion to Lord Shiva. The God who was impressed with her dedication granted her another boon, where she wished for him to reside there and he turned into Jyotirlinga Ghusmeshwar. Take your parents, or your elders to see this beautiful temple with exceptional architecture that will leave you marvelling at it. Book your ticket along with your family here.

Daulatabad Fort
Around 11kms away from the city, this glorious fort stands on a conical hill, 200mts above sea level. Often hailed as one of the wonders of Maharashtra, this fort is surrounded by lush greenery and gives you a magnificent view of your surroundings. Strap on your hiking shoes and get going, because every step to the zenith is more than worth it. This fort is one of the best-preserved forts in the county and one of the most powerful forts of the medieval period. A striking feature of it is the height at which it is located. The fort was and probably is also an engineering marvel, for it was one of the toughest forts to crack into with its multi-wall defence system and an excellent water storage facility.

Soneri Mahal
Soneri Mahal derives its name from the golden paintings that adorned its walls during its zenith. Alas, the paintings have disappeared with their splendour over time, and it is the only remaining palace in the city. A palace with Rajput style architecture, this place is a splendid example of architectural beauty. Now it has been converted into a museum that hosts various festivals throughout the year. The lights and decorations bring back some of the lost grandeur of the marvel it once was. Take a walk-through history and hear the walls tell you the stories lost to time.

There are a few tourist places withing 50-100 kms from Aurangabad. A country as old as ours has a treasure trove of secrets it still guards. We are extremely fortunate to uncover some of its beauty in the form of forts, caves, lakes, temples, and museums. Take a one-day trip to Aurangabad and taste some of the grand culture you are a part of. Book your tickets from Hyderabad here.

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