Do’s and Don’ts: Travelling by Bus During COVID-19 Pandemic

Only if everyone could sit locked up at home, and be free. But travelling is an essential part of our lives. It’s not just vacations or pleasure trips. It’s travelling for work or to meet your loved ones when they need you the most. To travel by bus during COVID-19 or to move from one city to another during this pandemic is like going to war. Fighting the virus with every breath you take. The deadly second wave of the novel coronavirus is taking India by storm with cases drastically increasing every single day. This one is dangerous as the mutated virus is extremely virulent. Social distancing, wearing double masks, and hand washing is still the gold standard in the prevention of disease. But when you got to go, you got to go. Down below we’ve mentioned some safety guidelines and precautions for bus travellers during COVID-19. And remember to travel only when you have to. Here are some DOs and DON’Ts when you do. This means we need to be as safe as we possibly can. It’s not only us who are prone to the virus, but we may also put others at risk too.


If you are planning to move around for business or pleasure, here are some of the travel restrictions and rules to know that is imposed by the states in India.
Delhi has extended the lockdown till May 3, 5 am, due to the extreme health crisis, other states such as Karnataka, Kerala, and Maharashtra all also announced some stringent travel restrictions.

Due to the increasing COVID-19 cases in the state, the government has implemented a 14-day lockdown. Essential services will be allowed between 6-10 am. Travel only for essential services and emergencies is allowed.

In one of the worst-hit states in the country, Maharashtra, the travel restrictions are in effect till 7 am on May 1, 2021. Only essential workers are allowed to travel and are mandated to always carry a valid id proof. The local trains, metro, and monorail services are operational only for government employees and healthcare workers. Any other kind of travel is strictly not allowed.

A lockdown was announced till April 26, 2021, due to the rising coronavirus cases, the Delhi government has taken the decision to extend the lockdown to 5 am, on May 3. Travel permission only for essential services and health care professionals, essential workers and those seeking medical help has been approved. Delhi Metro and public buses are functional but with only 50% occupancy. Autos, electric autorickshaws, cabs are allowed to run with only two passengers.

Kerala has announced that the state will not see a total lockdown but has approved weekend curfews. Strict restrictions on non-essential activities and only essential activities will be allowed from 9 pm to 5 am night curfews and the weekend curfews.

Tamil Nadu
The state has announced weekend lockdowns and a complete lockdown in the state on Sundays, with an exemption for essential services. Cabs are allowed to carry only three passengers excluding the driver while auto rickshaws will be allowed to carry two passengers excluding the driver.


Here are simple do’s and don’ts while travelling by bus during the COVID-19 pandemic to make your next travel safer and easier.

Always make sure to book your bus tickets online to avoid unnecessary contact.
Remember to carry your own face masks and hand sanitisers, sanitizing spray. These are a must while stepping out of your house.
Please take steps to ensure your temperature is normal and that you are not showing any signs of ill health prior to any trip.
Always wear your masks when inside the bus and ensure you cover your nose properly.
Remember to sanitize hands at regular intervals, especially before entering a bus and after exiting.
Always sneeze or cough into your elbow or tissue.
Carry your own essentials like blankets, water bottles etc. For long-distance or overnight journeys.
Make sure you’re up to date with the guidelines issued by the state you are travelling from and the state you are travelling to.

Do not travel if you are feeling ill or are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19. You will be a safety hazard to the rest of the passengers on board.
Avoid touching your face, nose and mouth often.
Do not take off your mask unless necessary while inside the bus.
Do not unnecessarily touch rails, switches, knobs, headrests, armrests. These touchpoints are the main area where an exchange of pathogens can occur.
Do not discard tissues/disposable masks/gloves or any other protective gear inside the bus or outside freely. This poses a threat and can lead to others being infected.
Travel cannot be avoided by everyone. Hence, Abhibus has gone the extra mile to keep its passengers safe and still provide them with the best of service.

corona travel guidelines

Abhibus Safe-T features
Their buses 100% sanitized and fumigated after every journey to make it safe for the next one.
All their staff has been trained and educated in the safety protocols required for COVID-19
Hand sanitisers are placed in the bus for the convenience and safety of the travellers
A mandatory temperature screening of the passengers is done before they board the bus to ensure the safety of all passengers
Please keep in mind that that the world is still trying to get back on its feet after the first hit of the Coronavirus. For your safety and the safety of others please get your vaccine shot as soon as possible. Keeping your distance and wearing a mask is still mandatory when you’re stepping out. We know, it gets difficult staying cooped up in the house for long. We know you made plans well in advance to travel all over the country. It’s not impossible to travel but it needs to be done with caution.

Abhibus adheres to all the government-imposed safety measures and guidelines for bus and train travelling. They consider the safety of their passengers to be paramount and would never take it lightly. With all their new safety measures and hassle-free service, book your train and bus tickets on Abhibus today.

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