Destinations That Are Totally Worth The Bus Journey

For most people, holidays are mostly squeezed in between hectic work schedules, long weekends including public holidays or unavoidable family functions. And this is why ‘time’ is a huge factor while deciding on the mode of transport to get to a certain destination. With this criteria, travel by air or train may win hands down, unless someone factors cost into it too, and then travel by bus may prove to be more cost-effective.

Actually bus travel has its own set of advantages; a very easy ticketing process, a chance to socialize and meet new people on the journey if desired, freedom and chance to enjoy the passing landscape and the comfort and security of knowing that you will reach even the remotest of destinations without hunting around and all this at a very reasonable cost. One just has to be ready to travel a little more leisurely.

There are quite a few destinations that are worth travelling to only by bus. Air and train travel  let you see only the periphery of a place, while travelling in your own private car robs you of the freedom to enjoy the passing view. However a bus journey lets you enjoy the passing greenery, lush beauty of the hills or valleys, observe the settlements in the interiors of a place, develop new relationships and rest whenever the journey gets too tedious.

Given below are just a few of such destinations that are totally worth the bus journey.


Goa Bus JourneyWhile Goa can be travelled to by air, train or car…..travelling by bus, I think, definitely beats other options. One can just soak in more of the place and enjoy the amazing view on the highways while driving to your destination. As you near Goa, the winding roads, vast fields and swaying coconut trees all add to make the view more pleasurable. The buses take a stop midway through the ride and people can take a break and sample the local food.


Agra Bus JourneyAnyone visiting Delhi, especially the first time, cannot skip Agra. World famous for its most beautiful monument – The Taj Mahal, built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his lovely wife – Mumtaz and the historical Agra Fort, this city is easily accessible by road and makes for a wonderful bus trip. One can enjoy the drive on the wide, open roads, splattered with green cover, then experience a bit of rural India as you hit Uttar Pradesh and finally arrive at the dream-like destination. The Yamuna Expressway from Greater Noida to Delhi has now shortened the time taken to reach Agra by road. If one travels by the old route, they can also experience some unforgettable Dhaba food as several Dhabas line the roads leading to Agra. The new expressway only accommodates a few restaurants which serve normal food.


Manali Bus JourneyThe bus trip to Manali from Delhi is one of the most popular routes opted for by tourists. This destination is an ideal escape from the severe Delhi heat during the summer months and so is definitely a busy route. But the magnificent view of the rolling Himalayan majestic mountains and the quaint houses as you make your way to your destination, definitely makes up for the busy roads and is not something one should miss.


Munnar Bus JourneyThis beautiful hill station in Kerala is again a summer retreat and accessible through lovely winding but steep slopes. Travelling by bus seems much more safer and gives one a chance to take in the awesome view as you drive along. The feeling of the cool, crisp air, whipping your hair against the face, the dreamy misty clouds wafting past, the vast rolling plantations and other greenery on either side are all memories that add to your unforgettable bus journey.


Bandipur Bus JourneyThe Bandipur forest route, leading to the Bandipur National Park in Karnataka is definitely one to look out for. Travelling by bus through this route brings you so much more closer to the marvels of nature and one can enjoy the flora and fauna lining the route as well as joyfully watch out for the various animals who choose to either cross the path or walk through the foliage. If lucky, you can actually see herds of elephants and beautiful deer feasting on the greenery by the wayside.


Mahabaleshwar Bus JourneySummers in Maharashtra induce most people to make a bee-line for close-by hill stations. One such favourite destination is Mahabaleshwar, situated on the western ghats in Maharashtra. The bus ride to this location is a pure delight as you experience the very cool, invigorating air, small villages with their wares, green fields and breath-taking valleys from the ghats and strawberry farms as you finally reach your destination.


Puducherry Bus JourneyAway from the chaos of big cities, this quiet little town is located in the southern coast of India. The tree lined boulevards, the colonial styled buildings, the long stretches of unspoilt beaches are what greets you in this quaint destination. The bus journey through this route is awesome as you see wonderful casuarina groves and huge plantations on one side and a glimpse of the Bay of Bengal along the east coast.


Ooty Bus JourneyThis is another destination worth the bus journey. The route from Bengaluru to Ooty changes drastically in a very little while once out of the chaotic city. As you hit Mysore, the roads open up wide, you are treated to a visual spectacle of some lovely historical monuments and  lush green hills and the temperature cools down considerably. Another delightful experience is passing through the Bandipur forest route to get to Ooty and if lucky, you may encounter some wildlife along the way.

Mount Abu

Mount Abu Bus JourneyThe road trip leading to this destination goes via Surat, Vadodara, Ahmedabad etc. If you have the time to spare, it would be worth your while to just visit these places and experience the flavour of true Gujarati hospitality and relive the historical Gandhian events in its place of origin. The beautiful roads leading up to this little hill station are a pure delight and one experiences the difference in temperature immediately once you get closer because of the altitude.


Darjeeling Bus JourneyThis is a city that is basically accessible only by road. There is no direct flight or train into Darjeeling. One can travel there from nearby cities like New Jalpaiguri, Siliguri, Bhag by taxi, jeeps, private cars, buses or even the narrow gauge toy train of Darjeeling Himalayan Railways. But people who suffer from wanderlust would love to make their way to this magical hill station via road so that they can experience the magic. And what better way to do so than by travelling in a bus where you are free to take in the sights and smells of the passing landscape. Though this maybe one of the longest bus trips that one may have to go through depending from where you take the bus, one can’t help but revel in the beauty of the lush green hills, flowing sparkling rivers, huge plantation fields, small forest areas and numerous tea plantations.



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