Christmas 2020 : 5 Destinations to Rediscover the sparkle of Christmas in India


Christmas celebrations 2020 in India

The most wonderful time of the year – Christmas is coming. It won’t be wrong to say that Christmas is not just a season rather it’s a feeling. Celebrated on 25th December of every year when Jesus Christ was born, the day includes spending time with family, decorating the house, preparing scrumptious Christmas special food, and singing carols.

Christmas celebrations in India

Christmas – the festival season of the year is the favorite time all around the world and India is no exception. If you are wondering do Hindu celebrate Christmas, then let’s talk about some facts. Christianity is India’s third-largest religion after Hinduism and Islam. Christianity was introduced in India in 52 AD by Thomas the Apostle and prospered with the rule of the Portuguese in the 16th century and the British Invasion in India. Not only this, a national holiday is observed in India every Christmas which is believed to be the biggest festival of Christians.

India is a country of cultural diversity. The festival is celebrated by millions of Indians in their own way. Christmas serves as a bond between Christian and Non-Christian individuals of India and it is fascinating to observe how amazingly they celebrate the festival unitedly. Even Non-Christian children of India wait for Father Christmas or Santa Claus to deliver presents on Christmas in India.

What is Christmas called in India?

Like all the festivals of India, Hindu Christmas is also celebrated in a big way and called as Bada Din in India. As per legends, before Christmas the auspicious day was called Roman Festival by Indians and people celebrated this day by exchanging gifts. Gradually, Christian civilization flourished in India and they began to call Christmas as Bada Din (Big Day) celebrating the joy of birth of Jesus Christ.

How is Christmas Celebrated in India?

Christmas celebrations in India

With arrival of Christmas season, the entire world turns into a joyful wonderland and same happens in India. Be it Diwali or Christmas, Indians add to the festivity by using vibrant colors, beautiful lanterns and joyful laughs with their loved ones. For Catholic Christians in India, Midnight Mass is a very important service. The entire family walk to the mass followed my massive feast giving and receiving the gifts.
The churches all around the country are decorated using lights and Poinsettia flowers. Devotees visit the church and light celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

In India, along with traditional Christmas tree people also decorate a banana or Mango Tree. Also, people use mango trees to decorate their homes as it is considered auspicious. The Christmas celebration in India is very similar to the western way with little tweaks. The Indians adapted the festival and Indianized it by making it more about food and community.

Christmas celebrations

In every part of India, the festival is celebrated differently. So we have discovered 5 most beautiful places in India that turn into a fairy tale and best to create Christmas Memories. Rediscover the sparkle of Christmas in these locations of India-

#1 GOA

Christmas celebrations in Goa

Along with some excellent beaches and vibrant nightlife, Goa is a land of Portuguese legacy and the best place to celebrate Christmas in India 2020. Having the majority of the Catholic population, there are numerable churches in Goa that are decorated with beautiful lights and poinsettia flowers on Christmas. The locals adorn their homes with hanging star-shaped lanterns, lightning Christmas trees and turn the festival into an epic spectacle. People of all ages line up at the churches to take part in midnight mass and sing Christmas carols. Book bus tickets from Hyderabad to Goa here.


Christmas celebrations in Shillong

The charming city of the North-East region of India – Shillong has a sizable population of Christians who mark the birth anniversary of Christ with glory. The scenic environment is glorified with the Christmas decoration adding a sense of festivity. Christian as well as non-Christian head towards churches of the city playing soulful music which makes being here a memorable experience.


Christmas celebrations in Pondicherry

The ‘little France’ of India – Pondicherry has French progenitors and the majority of Christians celebrating Christmas following all the rituals and merry-making. The churches, particularly the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception and Sacred Heart of Jesus are stunningly decorated and worth visiting to make your Indian Christmas holiday special. In the preceding weeks of Christmas, there are carol concerts and an annual Christmas Market – ‘Marche de Noel’ filling the environment with festive vibes. Book bus tickets from Chennai to Pondicherry(Puducherry) here


Christmas celebrations in Mumbai

Mumbai is a city of rich colonial history and a diverse population. The western suburb of Bandra is popular for its Catholic population. At the time of Christmas, the hill road is beautifully decorated with flowers and lightning filling up the environment with carnival vibes. The churches and houses of the city are also adorned with Christmas ornaments by people belonging from all religious backgrounds making it one of the best places to celebrate Hindu Christmas. Book your bus tickets from Hyderabad to Mumbai here.


Snow seems mandatory for the Christmas celebration. Places in India that don’t experience snow at the time of Christmas use cotton to make their Christmas trees look snowy. But, Manali is the place where you can celebrate white Christmas. The heavy snow, soft carol music, exotic bonfires, and scrumptious hot food – that’s what Christmas 2020 in Manali is all about. Despite the white snow, the festive vibes bring a unique warm making it a must–visit place to celebrate Christmas in India 2020. Book your bus tickets from Delhi to Manali here

Plan a trip, Celebrate the day and make good cheer because Christmas comes once a year!
Christmas celebrations in Manali

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