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Book Hotels in HyderabadI am narrating this experience for all those, not in the know.

Planning a holiday for the family is a task or an activity in itself! And this is one activity which my husband and myself kept pushing on to each other every six months or so since we married. After all, one has to first decide on a place, the ideal time, research for hotels and attractions in that place, mode of transport and so many other things, besides doing the bookings for travel and stay. And the task always gets a little more tough when you  are an average middle-class family, who has to look out for budget hotels and less expensive ways of travel and entertainment.

So I thought, this summer vacation would be no different. Though we had been discussing holiday options since the beginning of May, I finally told my husband to get down to finalizing and doing the bookings by June. But to my surprise, instead of passing the buck onto me, he calmly told me that he would sort everything out in a jiffy!  When I asked him in a shocked voice as to how he agreed to take it all upon himself so fast, he smugly told me that he had found a one-stop guide to planning budget holidays. Grinning, he then explained how his colleague at work had pointed out to him that AbhiBus, an online bus ticket booking platform which we’ve used very often over the last ten years or so, for both…. work travel to nearby cities as well as holidays, had recently launched ‘Abhi Hotels’. Now Abhibus was something that we relied on heavily for most of our trips, as we found it very convenient, safe and economical for travelling, but recently had not traveled anywhere, so was unaware of this new facility. Frankly, Abhi Hotels sounded like a godsend !

My husband then whipped out his mobile and showed me the app. For a start, the user interface was quite simple for booking online. Once you’ve entered your preferred city, dates of check-in and check-out and number of people, it gives you a wonderful listing of all the budget hotels in a particular destination with details on location, amenities, room types, check-in/ check-out timings etc., where you can directly book online. It also presents various options to make your payment against bookings. I must say, AbhiBus has really taken the trouble to understand their bus customers/ travellers needs. It is truly a boon!

And not only this……..what really excited my husband and now, me, is that they have provided vital information for several  destinations, where they have entered into alliances with hotel aggregators across the country. Their write-up on each city posted under , covers the exact location, best time to visit, a little history of the place, the transport options within that city, how to reach that destination and some very good attractions in and around the place. What more could one ask for, at one go ???

Well, we definitely had a great road trip on the bus, booked online through AbhiBus. And here, I have to emphasize that the hotel we booked through AbhiBus lived up to our expectations. We got, what we were told. The hotel was exactly as described in the app. We had a lovely holiday…… well within our means at Bengaluru, all thanks to Abhi Hotels. All this, in minimum time with minimum fuss.

abhihotels is not only available on an app which can be downloaded on your mobiles, but is also available on the AbhiBus website. It just couldn’t get better… much convenience at your fingertips ! So go on friends, download that ‘abhibus’ app and explore.

Happy travels !

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