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Abhibus has had a wonderful stint so far, right from inception till date and we’ve enjoyed every phase we have gone through trying to keep up with your expectations, meet and rise above industry standards and cross that extra mile to give you something that would ease your tension on your travels and make you smile.

It’s been over 10 years now………..and there’s been a constant addition of more bus operators, more routes, introduction of various services, offers galore……..but we’re still at it………exploring, experimenting and churning out new facilities and conveniences for our end-users, our loyal customers! Who would have thought that we’ll cover this distance so quickly and cross many milestones, despite several hurdles and hiccups that came our way. But our efforts have borne fruit and as our reward, we have YOU as our loyal customers!

However, through all of this, we continue to have our finger on the pulse of our customers and what came to light recently was that customers were facing a difficulty trying to book their return journey bus tickets through their mobile app. This was specifically brought to our attention when one of our lady passengers expressed her difficulty in doing so. This feature has been in existence for airline bookings for quite a while, where we can book our return journey air tickets through a simple and seamless process. But strangely, it has been a challenge for the bus industry to provide this convenience to their customers on their mobile apps as a quick and easy process.

So, keeping in line with our philosophy of ‘Passenger First’, we decided to put our minds to the task of finding a solution to this glitch. Believe us, when we say it has not been easy and many a sleepless night has been spent in trying to innovate and come up with a resolution. But it’s time now to proudly proclaim that ‘We are the first’ in this industry to introduce the new Return Journey Booking App which will assist you in
booking your return journey bus tickets in just a few clicks on your mobile device.

Currently, anyone using their mobile devices has to go over the booking process all over again, just to book their return journey tickets. We are happy to announce that we are the pioneers to introduce a system by which you can book your return journey bus tickets on your mobile device without going through several screens and cumbersome options.

It’s been a tough journey, but a worthwhile one to keep you happy and make your journey comfortable. We will be launching the industry’s first ‘Return Bus Ticket Booking Feature’ on the 6th of April 2018 on our mobile apps. So go on and update or install the app which will be available on Android and  iOS from 6th of April 2018.


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