Best Water Sport Destinations In India

India, with its myriad rivers and beaches across the different regions, presents a host of options for various water sport activities for adventure enthusiasts in the country. Earlier, these activities and opportunities were only associated with countries like Maldives, Mauritius, Australia, etc., but for some time now, various places in India are slowly becoming famous for great water sport activity. Oft-visited regular beach places like Goa, Kolad, Tarkali, Alibaug etc are favourites with adventure sport lovers but here are a few such places in India, which provide fun and adventure to true water-babies!

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand :

Water Sport Destination in Rishikesh UttarakhandRishikesh is one of the best places to indulge in various water sport activities. Right from beginners to the very experienced, there are various levels of activities available for all to enjoy. White water-rafting being the most well known water sport here, tourists visit this destination to enjoy and tackle the various rapids ranging from Grade 1 to Grade 4+ at various stretches along the rivers flowing through Rishikesh. Another nerve numbing activity that one can enjoy is Cliff Jumping into icy cold water from heights of 30-40 ft. The not-so-adventurous can try out body-surfing which is a completely different experience but enjoyable at the same time and hardly requires any skill or experience. Kayaking is another sport that one must try out in these waters and even novices can seek the help of the experienced experts who are always available. The summer season from April to June is the peak period for tourists here, as water sports activities like river rafting etc. is most indulged in during these months.

Andaman Islands :

Water Sport Destination in AndamanFast gaining in popularity, are the Andaman Islands, a Union Territory, which form an archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. Scuba diving, snorkeling and undersea walking are very popular fun sports in these waters. If getting wet and holding your breath and breathing underwater is not your thing, yet you wish to enjoy the water world, then the Andaman Islands offer you a wonderful option. You can either get onto a glass-bottomed boat or board a semi-submarine which allows you to enjoy the thrilling under water world, while keeping you safe. This is probably the only place in India which offers you this option. The usual activity of Parasailing, Jet-skiing, surfing and boating are also available on these islands.

Zanskar, Jammu & Kashmir :

Best Water Sport Destinations Zanskar Jammu & KashmirAdventure sport in Zanskar Valley is no child’s play. Even the most experienced adventure sport junkie finds this destination really thrilling and daring. Zanskar Valley is situated at an altitude of more than 12000 ft above sea level and the rapids in the Zanskar river definitely get even the most expert rafter on edge. Rapids of grade 1 and 2 can be enjoyed along the Leh region, while the more challenging rapids of grade 3 and 4 can be tackled along the Zanskar river. This high-altitude river rafting is an experience found no where else and one can even witness the sight of the beautiful Zanskar Canyon, known as the Grand Canyon of India at the 4th grade. Rowing down these rapids, one can take in the beauty of this wonderful valley. Kayaking is another activity that one can take on here. The best time to visit this destination is from June to August when the water level is pretty high.

Kavaratti, Lakshadweep :

Water Sport Destination in Kavaratti LakshadweepKavaratti, with it’s amazing white sand beaches, is a very popular destination, not just for its relaxed atmosphere and sunbathing opportunities, but also sought after for thrilling water sport activities in it’s calm lagoons. This destination in Lakshadweep has become quite famous in recent times for its numerous water sport  activities. Adventure enthusiasts can go scuba diving, canoeing, kayaking, yachting and snorkeling. If one is not comfortable with swimming, then they can opt for a ride on the glass bottomed boat which lets you have a wonderful view of the underwater marine life. The dolphin drive centre is a big draw for water sport lovers.

Kerala :

Kerala Water Sport Destination In IndiaWhile Kerala offers something for every kind of tourist, it is definitely most famous for its several beautiful beaches as well as wonderful network of rivers, lakes and calm backwaters. Tourists can enjoy some really laid back canoeing and kayaking through these waters, as well as try out bamboo rafting. Besides these other exciting water sport activities like Parasailing, jet skiing, water-skiing, surfing and windsurfing are available too. All these exciting offerings are available at places like Alleppey, Periyar Tiger Reserve, Wayanad, Kannur, Kovalam, Varkala etc. which make the experience even more pleasurable with all the dense green covered hills or coconut covered beautiful palm groves along the beach front that one can see and view while indulging in these activities.


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