Best Road Trips In India That Are A Must-Do

Best Road Trips In IndiaWe all know that travelling by road has its own charm and fun element. And if that travel has to be completely enjoyable, free from the worry about long hours of driving, the necessary stops in between and the need for constant attention and alertness on the road, then it is best to travel by public road transport, which is the bus. In one of our earlier blogs, we had touched upon the positives of travelling by bus and shared a few destinations that are totally worth the bus journey. In this blog, we shall cover a few more road trips that should be added to your list of ‘must do’.

You can choose to book yourself on any of the luxury or deluxe coaches and if budget is a constraint, then one can take their pick from the State Government run buses……… whichever is available for the destinations you wish to travel to.

So given below are a few more exciting road trips that you can take.

Delhi – Manali – Leh :

A relatively newer route, this is one long, beautiful road trip if you are up for it. With a ride that lasts almost 40 hours, stopping for a short break at Manali and a night stopover at Keylong, this bus ride is probably the longest, highest and toughest bus route in the world. This journey starts off from the Indian capital – Delhi and takes you through Chandigarh, Kullu, Manali and Keylong before finally reaching icy, remote Leh. Besides the increasing variation in temperatures through the ride, it is the challenging route through high mountain passes of Taglang-la, Lachulung-la, Rohtang-la and such which soar over 13,050 feet and more, which heighten one’s senses and tests your grit till you reach your destination. But all of this is worth every bit when you take in the spectacular sights and scintillating views of snow-peaked mountains, picturesque valleys and beautiful monasteries and  as you ride along this route.

Buses from Delhi are available mostly from the month of July, only for a few months, depending upon the climatic conditions.

Delhi To Shimla :

Nothing beats a ride through the hills! The almost unreal visual of tall mountains with soft fluffy clouds floating through and the feel of cool, crisp air flying through your hair as you look out the window, are memories that one cherishes lifelong. Driving away from the busy, chaotic Delhi city along Grand Trunk Road towards the enchanting hills would take you approximately 7 hours, with the necessary breaks. One can enjoy sumptuous parathas and other Dhaba food along this route.

The best time to visit this place, especially if travelling by the bus is from March to June, when the snow melts and the weather is at its coolest best to enjoy some outdoor sports.

Mumbai To Tarkarli :

Anyone looking for a respite from the concrete jungles of the city should head to this tranquil seaside destination called Tarkarli. Even the route to this locale is enjoyable and soothing to the eyes with plenty of green along lovely, broad roads till you reach Malwan, where they narrow down. The almost 10 hour drive from Mumbai also takes you through some ghats till you reach your destination. As you near Tarkarli, one must savour the sumptuous Malwani meals available at several joints along the way. Tarkali is well connected to several cities with very good roads. Private as well as State Transport buses are readily available to travel from Mumbai, Pune and Goa to Tarkarli.

Its best to visit Tarkarli between October to March when the temperature is cooler and one can enjoy themselves in the outdoors.

Delhi To Rishikesh :

The 7 to 9 hour ride to Rishikesh, depending on the route taken by the bus you travel, takes you through some pretty decently maintained roads till a point which makes the journey relatively comfortable and after that through slightly rugged terrain and tricky roads, which just makes the ride a little more exciting. The passing view quickly changes from urban city life to refreshing green hills and valleys, plenty of trees and other soothing sights till you reach the enchanting riverside destination of Rishikesh. The stops for snacks and tea breaks at the Dhabas only add to the charm of the journey.

One can travel to this destination through the year, but if you are particularly looking forward to adventure sports at Rishikesh, then September to April would be the best time to visit.

Jaipur To Udaipur :

There is a vast difference between the Pink city of Jaipur which has plenty of monuments and historical structures spread over and resplendent Udaipur with its beautiful lakes and palaces and this is evident as you move away from Jaipur to Udaipur. The journey on this 8 to 9 hour bus route takes you through some amazingly well maintained roads and wonderful sights  which create some wonderful memories for you to take back with you. The drive through Bhilwara and Chittorgarh let you witness the wonderful historical stone monuments and take you on a flight of fantasy.

September to March would be the ideal time to explore these destinations, if one wants to avoid the excessive dry heat of these cities.

Mangalore To Gokarna :

Set along the cool, blue Arabian Sea, the city of Mangalore is known for its beautiful green hills, lovely palm groves, fresh-water streams and distinct red-tiled roof houses. This scenic drive along the Konkan coast with just the sea almost all the way, is great for beach lovers and a really relaxing, tranquil ride. One can enjoy the lovely coastal cuisine available along this way.

The best time to visit this beach destination is from October to March, when the weather is sunny and pleasant.

Shimla To Reckong Peo :

This route makes for one awesome bus ride with the Satluj river flowing on one side and the steep mountain wall on the other. Reckong Peo is situated in Kinnaur Valley, at a distance of about 255 kms from Shimla. The drive along these tricky winding roads, with steep slopes and falls, carved out through majestic mountains leaves you spellbound with vistas of the amazing Kinnaur Kailash mountains and beautiful valleys and makes this an adventurous trip.

The ideal months to undertake this journey is from March to June and September to December, when the weather is very cool and pleasant but not terribly cold and chilly as in January and February.

You would be glad to know that AbhiBus has buses plying along all the routes besides Mumbai to Tarkarli. In the case of bus services from Delhi to Leh, they have buses plying only to Manali, after which you can hire a cab/taxi.



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