Best Places For Scuba Diving In India

India loves it beaches and coastlines. And for Indians living in close proximity to the sea, relaxation at the beachfront or in the sea, is just second nature. Besides the basic sport of swimming, activities in the sea now range from jet-skiing, para sailing, scuba diving, kayaking and lots more. In this article, we shall touch upon scuba diving which has fast gained popularity in India over the years.

Scuba Diving is one of the best ways to experience another world altogether, a world under water, a world in the seas. Taking a plunge into the deep seas has been made much easier over the years with development and advancement of science. And in India, scuba diving has flourished to a great extent, which is the reason that adventure enthusiasts  from all over the world visit our country to explore the exquisite marine life and satiate their appetite for adventure, deep down in the sea.

Those contemplating a scuba diving trip in India, need to take the climatic conditions into account depending on which season is in play. The diver needs to be physically fit and ensures he receives a proper training from the instructor. It is important that all diving instructions given by the instructor are followed to the T, to avoid any incident or mishap in the marine world. It is important to don the correct scuba diving gear and carry all the necessary equipment to enjoy this activity safely and to the fullest.

The following places in India offer some varied and wonderful scuba diving opportunities to under-water enthusiasts.


Scuba Diving In Lakshadweep IndiaTranslucent blue waters against a tranquil spectacular backdrop, make the seas of Lakshadweep an excellent scuba diving destination. The beautiful coral reef in these waters is the biggest draw and this is the only coral archipelago of India, where a lagoon abounds with marine life. Tourists can enjoy scuba diving at Bangaram, Kadmat Islands and Agatti in Lakshadweep and be one with the colourful flora, vibrant coloured fish and lovely marine turtles underwater. Bangaram also happens to be one of the cleanest beaches, which is another very appealing factor for visitors.

One can actually take scuba diving lessons in Lakshadweep, as there are two well known scuba diving schools in Agatti and Bangaram.  The best time to visit this destination is from October till March, when the weather is very pleasant and sea is calm.


Scuba Diving In Karnataka IndiaNetrani Island in Murudeshwar is a popular destination for scuba diving in Karnataka. Also known as Pigeon island, this tiny island lies off the coast of Karnataka and is very popular for the exciting and varied marine life found here which includes the Great Barracuda, turtles, stingrays, stonefish etc. Some divers have also spotted whale sharks and orcas. There are different diving opportunities for different types of divers and this diving spot provides quite a challenge for most due to the jagged rocks and sharp cliffs.  December and January are the best months, during which one should visit this island.

Andaman Islands

Scuba Diving In Andaman IslandsThe Andaman Islands are situated bang in the centre of the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal and make for an amazing holiday destination with picturesque, virtually untouched beaches and some divine scuba diving spots. These islands have some spotless reefs, beautiful corals and a stunning and varied assortment of fish. There are a number of very popular diving sites at islands like the Havelock Island, Neil Island, Port Blair, North Point – Cinque Island etc. The various diving spots on each of these islands let you witness some breathtaking underwater world. A visit to these islands during the period from November to April would be best as the sea is at its most tranquil.


Scuba Diving In Puducherry IndiaPuducherry is another destination with some exciting scuba diving sites. The Coral  Sharks Reef is a great spot for both beginners as well as experienced scuba divers as the depth of the sea ranges from 5 m to 23 m, giving both an opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous coral reefs and beautiful sea creatures like the butterfly fish, lion fish, a variety of sea snakes and the rare Honeycomb Moray Eel. The sea floor here is sandy in nature. The Aravind Wall is another very sought after scuba diving site. The best time to visit these sites is from December to March, when the climate is suitable and the sea is calm.


Scuba Diving In KeralaVarkala and Cochin are famous scuba diving sites in Kerala. The beach itself at Varkala is pristine and tranquil, making it an ideal spot to just relax and then enjoy the adventure of scuba diving amidst the magical seaworld. Scuba Diving in Cochin can be done for a specified period of time, under the guidance of trainers, who will update and refresh you with the latest styles of  underwater diving. One can also take certified courses to better their scuba diving technique. Kovalam is slowly developing into a full fledged scuba diving site since the Bond Safari Kovalam has commenced. Currently, instead of using the traditional scuba diving gear, the company uses a ‘bond’ submarine which is basically an underwater scooter. One can revel amidst the delightful puffer fish, groupers, box fish, shoals of anchovy, silver moony, pipe fish etc. December and January would be a good time to visit this destination as the temperatures are just right.

Picture Credits :  Lakshadweep –,  Karnataka – Events High,  Andaman Islands – Traveltriangle,  Puducherry –, Kerala – Indian Travel Blog

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