Best New Year Destinations In India

Most people enjoy bringing in the New Year with close family and friends, amidst fun and frolic, while some just prefer to welcome the New Year peacefully with their loved ones. These celebrations almost always happen in our home towns and in more or less a similar manner every year, with probably just a change of venue within the city.

So this year, we thought we would suggest a few other places in India which make great destinations for New Year celebrations so as to give you a change of scene and make things a little more exciting. We’ve touched upon the metropolitan cities which are definitely a hot-spot for all types of celebrations and then we’ve given you a little feel of a few off-beat destinations. What better way to start the New Year than be willing to experience something different and make the best out of it!


Best New Year Destination GoaThis is definitely one of the ‘go-to’ destinations towards the end of December. Party people love the energy, vibe, spirit and ambience in Goa during the Christmas and New Year phase. This place and especially the beaches come alive with celebrations of all types, where there is no dearth of good music, good food, theme-based parties and a general fun environment which lasts until the wee hours of the morning. The beautiful fire-crackers bursting in the sky at the stroke of midnight, all along the coastline, welcomes the New Year in an unforgettable image. It’s little wonder that Goa is packed during this season and so one needs to plan well in advance to make it a memorable experience.


Best New Year Destination MumbaiMumbai, as it is, is known for its fast-paced life, energy, vibrancy and a general gusto to celebrate any of the festivals! New Year celebrations are no exception and while in the past, the custom of ringing in the New Year was mostly observed by Christians, for many several years now, it has become a ritual of sorts for all religions and communities to participate and welcome the New Year together. Every restaurant and hotel in the city organizes theme-based events and parties and there is general merriment and enthusiasm amongst both the old and the young generation who also organize both house and terrace parties. One can also have private family outings to nearby resorts which cater to small crowds exclusively. The city is abuzz till morning and even thereafter in the following days, with the New Year happiness prevailing. As Mumbai caters to every segment and type of people with regard to restaurants, shopping and entertainment, one can have fun and experience the madness of this city for a few more days.


Best New Year Destination BengaluruThis is another metro, pulsating with life on the last day of the year! Bengaluru’s huge beautiful gardens and several open spaces are well lit and the year-round pleasant weather only makes it more inviting. Well known for its pub culture, the youth and other like-minded people throng various venues and especially MG Road on this day. Everyone merrily indulges in some pub-hopping, dances with abandon to the tunes of various DJ’s and collectively chant the countdown to ring in the New Year. One can also carry on the celebrations in nearby wildlife resorts, do some sight-seeing of historical places and have fun with a shopping spree.


Best New Year Destination DelhiIt’s obvious by now that most of the metropolitan cities are centres of great activity and excitement while ushering the New Year in. Delhi, our capital city, obviously features high on this list with its swish set of people and celebrities from all walks of life. The display of colourful fireworks against the backdrop of the beautifully lit India Gate, is a spectacle to revel in. One can choose to be part of some really elite and expensive dos at private parties and fancy clubs or go for some thumping music, plenty of booze and great food to various pubs, cafes and lounges. The countdown to the start of another New Year at Connaught Palace adds that element of fun to an already happening and vibrant night.


Best New Year Destination KolkataThis culturally rich city is a visual delight during the last few days of the year, when everyone is gearing up to welcome the New Year and most monuments and buildings are beautifully lit up during this period. The city ushers in with style, the much-awaited New Year and celebrates the season on a large scale with plenty of delectable cuisine and drink to choose from and entertainment galore.



Best New Year Destination PuducherryWell known for its French colonial – style buildings and architecture, Puducherry offers people an ambience slightly more different than the other party cities, though not lacking fun in any way. The party-goer can choose from the several rave parties with trance/ EDM music, hosted on various beaches till early morning or opt for a more laid-back, relaxed, time on the alluring beaches and bring in the New Year on a contemplative, meditative note at any one of the meditation centres or ashrams.



Best New Year Destination KasolThis Himalayan destination is not what one would think of immediately for New Year celebrations, but strangely it’s gaining more popularity with every passing year, especially amongst the young. Live bands, rave music, hippy parties and that eclectic atmosphere with the dream-like surroundings of mountains, rivers and invigorating weather only create a more intoxicating ambience. If one is not inclined to be part of this noisy, wild scenario, then camping and a bonfire with your close pals or loved ones, in this wondrous destination is a heart-warming and wonderful way to greet the New Year.


Best New Year Destination VarkalaAn off-beat beach destination, Varkala in Kerala, is where one can enjoy the last few days of the year in peace and serenity and welcome the New Year with zeal! If crowds, parties and noise is not your scene, then this calm, crowd-free beach, bordered with palm trees and enchanting red cliffs is a wonderful place to be in. Delicious kerala cuisine available in several cafes along the beach only make it more enticing.


Mcleod Ganj

Best New Year Destination Mcleod GanjThis mystical and divine destination in Himachal Pradesh is an awesome place to ring in the New Year. The land of the Lamas and home to Dalai Lama, Mcleod Ganj boasts of some beautiful Tibetan monasteries, quaint yet cool food cafes, some wonderful sights to enjoy and great Tibetan souvenirs. You can enjoy the thrill of camping and singing and dancing around a bonfire or party away at some of the cool clubs/ cafes or just enjoy a scenic and peaceful holiday while bringing in the New Year.

Andaman And Nicobar Islands

Best New Year Destination Andaman And Nicobar IslandsThis haven of tranquil sand, sea and beautiful marine life is a fitting end to any challenging year and yet, if one wants to make merry and bring in the New Year, these islands also offer a great party scene on some of its beaches, in resorts and on yachts. The serenity and peacefulness is transformed into a vibrant, colourful and fun zone and guaranteed to delight. So either soak in the calm and pamper yourself with the undersea-world beauty of this destination or join the party!

The AbhiBus family wishes each of you and your families a wonderful end to this year and a Very Happy And Joyous New Year!

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