Beat the Exam Stress !

This month has been a really crazy one with various board exam results being announced and students desperately trying to make the right decision and choose the right course for further studies ! I am one of them and believe me when I say, this is no ordinary decision to make !!!

When my 12th standard board exam results were announced, I was really happy as I had fared really well. But then started my tension… I had to now prepare to give various entrance exams for the study course that I had opted for. The exams in Mumbai were not a problem, though worrying, but I had to also rush to Pune to give one such entrance exam and that was stressful !

Firstly, I have not travelled out of the city alone till date and secondly I wanted my friend who was attempting the same exam, to accompany me, even though my parents had decided to come along with me to Pune. This by itself, was not such a huge issue, but when coupled with the fact that my friend’s parents wanted to accompany him as well, this turned out to be a bit of a problem as then we would have to travel separately, if in cars or taxis ! So after much contemplation, the adults decided on travelling by a luxury bus for a change, so that this travel would be more relaxed and stress-free as compared to running up and down bridges at the train stations.

Thankfully, one of my father’s business colleagues suggested that we book our bus tickets online as against rushing to the bus station to stand in queues or depending on last minute reservations……and further went on to say that he mostly did his online bus ticket bookings for his business trips through which he found very reliable and convenient !

Now this was interesting for someone like me who had mostly travelled by cars, trains or airplanes. I was surprised that we had indeed progressed to online transactions even for bus travel and so out of curiousity, told my parents that I would like to do the booking online.

Well…really, this was a piece of cake ! Everything on the booking site was so user-friendly, easy to understand and informative. Online bookings for everyone were done in a jiffy and we were even more delighted as we could avail of their summer offers which made the whole travel cost very reasonable for so many people.
And I must confess at the end of this entrance exam which I had to give in another city, that it felt more like a picnic than a mind-boggling, nerve-wracking session !

So thank you, dear Uncle Khanna, for introducing us to !

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