AbhiBus Launches Train Ticket Booking Service

Online Train Ticket BookingAbhiBus.com, India’s fastest growing online marketplace for bus ticketing today announced the launch of train ticketing services. Customers of AbhiBus.com can now seamlessly get information on trains, train running schedules, book cancel or postpone their train tickets in any class and do their PNR check. AbhiBus.com has tied-up with IRCTC to provide these services to their customers.

Interestingly and for first time, customers can now have insights into probability of a wait listed or RAC train ticket getting confirmed or not – helping the customers to plan their travel effectively and in a stress-free manner. Customer can also use the platform locator option and coach position to directly move to the respective platform and in the direction of the coach without wasting time checking for that information.

Commenting on the new service roll-out Sudhakar Reddy, CEO – AbhiBus.com said, “AbhiBus continues to innovate to provide customers with solutions that help them plan their trips conveniently, efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. Our endeavor was not to just provide the 5 million unique visitors per month to AbhiBus.com with the option of booking their train tickets but to arm them with insights and information that helps their overall travel experience and bring and make it hassle free.”

AbhiBus.Com interactive user interface ensures that the user experience is also enhanced, and customer do not have to undergo wait times to book tickets due to heavy traffic on the IRCTC especially during festival season, vacations or holidays.

“Whether it is to know if the wait listed tickets are confirmed or not, or even to know where the train will be arriving or departing or where the coach is located saves a lot of anxiety and stress for the customer. Due to our extensive technology investments AbhiBus.com is able to provide these to the customers. Customers are always assured of reliable services that are backed by technology and insights into their needs and requirements.” said Linen Koduru, Chief Technology Officer – AbhiBus.com

About AbhiBus:

Founded in the year 2008, AbhiBus Services (India) Private Limited is India’s leading Online Travel Aggregator. AbhiBus started with providing end-to-end software and other value-added solutions for the Private Bus Transport industry as well as government RTCs and currently leads the table in online bus ticketing by leveraging the latest technologies. The company also provides technology solution to more than 500 private bus operators in India and 5 state transport corporations. The end-to-end software solutions include e-ticketing systems, fleet management solutions, vehicle tracking systems, passenger information systems, logistics management backed by a 24×7 customer support centre. Abhibus has over 4 million active users per month and more than 6 million app downloaded by user .

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