A road-trip to Jaisalmer: Places to visit in 2 days

Who doesn’t love road trips? We sure do. That’s why we decided to write you an itinerary on how to take the best road trip to Jaisalmer from Delhi and what are the cool things you can do there. This 2021 road trip to the magical city of Jaisalmer is the one you’ll be talking about forever. Have you ever finished watching Aladdin and wished to walk into a setting like that? Jaisalmer is exactly like it. Vast, spacious Havelis with beautiful architecture, vintage market streets, colour dotting every street in the form of turbans and sarees and the magic of the adventures in the desert is all you need to put this city on your travel list.
Every good road trip begins with planning the distance. The distance between Delhi and Jaisalmer is roughly 800 km. There are A/c Volvo buses running between these two cities too, the price averages around 1000/- for a comfortable experience. There are three routes you can choose from.

One: The Bikaner route.
It takes you through Delhi → Bahadurgarh → Rohtak → Hisar → Fatehpur → Bikaner → Jaisalmer. The roads take you from NH 9 and NH 52 and are around 14 hours of a drive. Two places you can check out on your way to Jaisalmer are.
This can be your first stop in Hansi after Rohtak. Fort Asigarh was built by Prithviraj Chauhan in the twelfth century.
Junagarh Fort is a major tourist attraction in Bikaner, this palace is beautifully carved with mirror work and boasts of a fine collection of artefacts.

Two: The Jaipur route.
It takes you through Delhi → Neemrana → Shahpura → Jaipur → Nagaur → Jaisalmer. It goes through the NH 48 and NH 125 and takes roughly around 15 hours to cover 838 kilometres. Our advice is to stay in Jaipur overnight. Some places you can stop by on your way are:
Neemrana Fort: Sprinkle a little adventure on your trip and try ziplining in Neemrana Fort. Book your adventure in advance at Flying fox. It’s truly the unique things we do in our journey that make a trip memorable.
The step-wells of Shahpura are a must stop. We’ve always seen them in movies and wondered where they were, this is your chance to check them out in person.
The Hawa Mahal of Jaipur is a must stop. Take a pause and soak in the brilliance of the architecture. They don’t make em’ like this anymore.

Three: The Jodhpur route.
It takes you through Delhi → Neemrana → Shahpura → Jaipur → Kishangarh → Ajmer → Beawar → Jodhpur → Pokhran → Jaisalmer. This is similar to the above route except it changes course after Jaipur. It takes around 15 hours on NH 48 and NH 125. Two places you can stop on your way are:
Ajmer Sharif Dargah: This Dargha is visited by millions worldwide. Ajmer Sharif Dargah, the tomb of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti is a must visit.
Mehrangarh Fort is one of the most impressive pieces of architecture in our country. It’s beautiful history and mesmerizing architecture will leave you spellbound.
Make sure you’re well equipped with Satellite navigation systems and take ample breaks on your drive. Don’t forget to sample food from the various food places that decorate the road on your way to Jaisalmer.

Things to do in Jaisalmer

1. Jaisalmer Fort
2. Street Markets
3. Godisar Lake
4. Camping in the Thar desert

Jaisalmer Fort

Begin your adventure in this city with a little history and a lot of beauty, the Jaisalmer Fort. Often, we get lost in being an absolute tourist, obsessively trying to take pictures and preserving memories, one of the best things you can do here is to simply walk around this structure. Soak in the history that goes beyond you and maybe you’ll hear the walls tell you the stories they know. The fort is free to enter and is like a living city. Don’t just read about history, sometimes it’s better to just experience it. There is no shortage of restaurants to just relax in and recoup after walking around. One of the best parts of the fort is the height and the vantage point it gives you over the city. Take some time to stand still and look out, we promise it’ll change something inside your heart. The beauty of this place is ingrained into every brick that was used to build it.

Street markets

jaisalmer street market
Grab a nice Rajasthani thali and head out into the labyrinth of the street markets to take back souvenirs. The markets are a treasure trove of quirky, fascinating things to take back home. From wall hangings to beautifully embroidered cloth to aesthetically pleasing interior décor, there are places that sell things you didn’t even know you needed.

Gadisar Lake
jaisalmer Gadisar Lake
Go visit Gadisar Lake, which is a manmade lake that was built in the 14th century in order to cater to the population’s water needs. The lake is a well-known tourist spot with visitors and you can rent paddle boats to take you out on the water. Make the visit towards the end of the day when the sun is about to set and we promise that you’ll be struck by how beautiful it gets.

Camping in Thar desert
jaisalmer Camping in Thar desert
We didn’t mention the setting of Aladdin for nothing, leave a whole day out for checking out the Thar desert and indulging in the various activities available. We would recommend desert camping to be a must for it is once in a lifetime experience. Shell out on a camel safari and experience the desert as it best. There are a lot of hotels offering this safari at reasonable prices so we wouldn’t recommend booking anything in advance. The desert camping is obviously a little pricey and it’s more on the side of glamping. Regardless, sleeping under the stars away from the buzz of the city is worth the money spent. You could always book a private dune experience and enjoy the sand without a hundred tourists photobombing your pictures or disturbing your peace.

The best time to visit this Golden City is during the winter months. The summers and monsoons are unforgiving weather in Rajasthan. The pleasant winters make it ideal weather to walk around the city and absorb the culture without any difficulties. No amount of time spent exploring this place is enough, for it keeps a part of your heart with it. It always pulls you back with its large havelis and brilliant architecture and beautiful desert experience. The annual Jaisalmer festival is one of the best times to plan your trip to this city.
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