6 Reasons To Prefer Abhibus For Your Next Bus Ticket Booking

Hey Abhibus ! This one’s for you.

What started out as an idle time-pass activity between my friend and I, soon turned into a nasty argument and that too for no particular reason. However, we soon saw the funny side of it and realized how foolish we were acting.

My friend and I had decided to take-off for the recent, long 3 day weekend to Mahabaleshwar near Pune. Since we had time on hand and were in no particular rush, we decided to enjoy our ride to Mahabaleshwar in one of the luxury buses. So we kept telling each other to do the booking online as each one was feeling lazy and bored to complete the task. Finally, after much bouncing back and forth, just as I said “Ok….I’ll do the booking on Abhibus”, my friend Neha yelled out “Fine….I’ll go online” and proceeded to go to some other site for booking tickets. I patiently told her to stick to our regular site for booking as it was tried and tested several times by us and we’ve never really had any problems with their service. However, she insisted on acting like a stubborn child, argued and went ahead fooling around on the other site pretending to book tickets, which I did not know about first.

So I argued in favour of Abhibus and my volume rose…….. I started listing reasons for booking our bus tickets online at abhibus.com and told her that :-

1) Abhibus has the inventory of India’s largest fleet operators and is their technology partner……so we have direct access to bus tickets from all the major bus operators.

2) As Abhibus offers services on State Transport Corporation buses as well as Private fleet operator buses, we have a wide variety of ticket pricing to choose from.

3) The site to do booking of bus tickets is so user-friendly and gives all relevant instructions and details. And even then, if we are not able to understand, Abhibus has a 24×7 customer service who is always ready to help and can assist in booking our tickets online.

4) One of the best features for women travellers is that you can check if there are any other women travellers booked on the bus that you are intending to travel by. This feature is available on all booking platforms like their website, Android and iOS apps etc.

5) A traveller has so many options to make payment for their online tickets…….. credit cards, debit cards, net banking, Amazon Pay, PhonePe, Abhicash wallet, UPI and Travel now Pay later.

Though she had started laughing by now……I continued and told her that we could enjoy the ride together even more as we could watch movies on the long ride, because

6) Abhibus offers a customer friendly service of Abhi Watch HD movies at a most nominal rate.

I was about to give her another reason….when she finally clamped her palm across my mouth and told me to stop ! She then explained that she was just irritating me and that I should just go ahead and book our bus tickets online at abhibus.com. Finally, she laughingly said that I should probably become the brand ambassador for Abhibus !


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