6 Popular Trekking Destinations in North India for Those Who Love Adventure

Trekking gives a unique sense of thrill. Going on a long strenuous journey, exploring mother nature on foot is the definition of trekking in a real sense. Walking on steep pathways for long hours surrounded by rocky mountains sounds like a daunting task but that’s what we love about trekking, right? To get you out of your mundane routine and fill your life with a thrilling experience, we have prepared a list of the best trekking places in North India. So pack your bag and get ready to witness a thousand miracles while walking in nature.

List of 6 Popular Trekking Destinations in North India for Those Who Love Adventure

1. Roopkund Trek – A Trek full of Mystery
2. Hampta Pass – Beginner’s Destination
3. Kedarnath Trek – Journey to Mystic Temple
4. Kheerganga Trek – Trek at Hippie Paradise
5. Pin Bhaba Pass Trek – Full of Twists and Turns
6. Chadar Trek – The Frozen River

#Roopkund Trek – A Trek full of Mystery

Situated at an altitude of 5029 meters in the state of Uttarakhand – Roopkund Trek is one of the best places for trekking in North India. This place is also renowned as the “Mystery Lake” among fellow trekkers as skeletons of humans and horses were discovered here which are believed to be about 500-600 years old. The trekking trail to Roopkund incorporates a captivating journey through rustic villages, a sacred pond – Bednikund well-known for its crystal clear water and alpine meadows. If you are thinking is Roopkund Trek dangerous, then we won’t deny that it is one of the top treks and can be categorized under the category of difficult treks. The trek gets steeper from Bedni Bugyal but the scenic beauty and rocky glaciers will keep you motivated to complete the trek.

Duration of Trek – 8 to 9 Days
How to Reach Roopkund Trek – The nearby railway station is located in Dehradun and Kathgodam. From there onwards, take a bus or hire a private can to Dhaula. You can also take a bus from Delhi to Dehradun as the city is well-connected by road. Check bus routes from Delhi to Dehradun here.

#Hampta Pass – Beginner’s Destination

Situated in the Manali region of Himachal Pradesh, Hampta Pass is perfect for beginners trekking in North India. It is quite easy to locate the trek as it is positioned in the Manali town instead of some distant village like most of the treks. The trek is blessed with dense pine forests, rocky glaciers, meadows, and fascinating landscape. On the top, the crystal clear Chandratal lake is situated which is the highlight of the trip and will leave you in complete wonder.
Duration of Trek – 4 Days
How to Reach Hampta Pass – The most convenient way of reaching Hampta Pass is to board a direct bus from Delhi to Manali. It will take around 12 hours to complete the journey. Check bus routes of Delhi to Manali here.

#Kedarnath Trek – Journey to Mystic Temple

Renowned as the abode of Lord Shiva – Kedarnath is situated in the Rudraprayag district of the Garhwal region in Uttarakhand. Kedarnath is one of the 12 divine Jyotirlingas and is said to be the gateway towards salvation. If you are willing to endure the divine pietism and observe the mesmerizing snow-capped mountains at the same time, then Kedarnath is a must-visit trek in North India for you. Click here to know more about Kedarnath Yatra 2021 – Route Map of Journey to Mystic Temple.
Duration of Trek – 2 Days
How to Reach – Kedarnath Trek starts from Sonprayag. Sonprayag is not connected by railways and airways. Thus, the only available option is by road. Check out the direct bus routes to Sonprayag of Uttarakhand Transport Corporation here.

Kheerganga Trek – Trek at Hippie Paradise
Situated in Himachal Pradesh, at an end of Parvati Valley – Kheerganaga Trek is filled with vast greenery serving as a trekkers paradise. After climbing an elevation of 3050 meters, the trek offers a view of panoramic skies to trekker’s eyes and relief to tired legs. Kheerganga is located in a hippie paradise – Kasol and the presence of hot springs of water in the mid of the snowy region makes it an ideal place for 2 day trek in North India. While being at the finest places to trek in North India, make sure to visit Lord Shiva Temple.
Duration of Trek – 2 Days
How to Reach Kheerganga Trek– The nearest Airport to Kheerganga is Pantnagar which is around 235 km away and the nearest Railway Station is in Pathankot. Book your train tickets to Pathankot here. You can take a bus to Barshaini from there onwards or hire a private cab.

#Pin Bhaba Pass Trek – Full of Twists and Turns

A trek from Kinnaur to Spiti – Pin Bhabha Pass Trek is full of twists and turns where you will begin your journey from lush greenery and end up in barren lands of Spiti. The exciting changes in the landscape make it a trekker’s paradise and one of the popular trekking destinations in North India. While being here you will get to witness apple orchards, crystal clear Chandratal lake, dark woods, and the endless beauty of Himachal Pradesh. Also, don’t forget to visit Key Gompa Monastery.
Duration of Trek – 3 to 4 days
How to Reach Pin Bhaba Pass Trek – The suggested way to reach Pin Bhaba Pass Trek is by road. You can hire a private can or take a direct bus from Delhi to Kafnu covering a distance of 560 km.

#Chadar Trek – The Frozen River

“Chadar” means a Sheet, a sheet of frozen water. Imagine walking on it while being surrounded by snow-capped mountains and a stream running on one side. Sounds like a scene from the Frozen movie, right? Well, you can experience the magic at Chadar Trek located in Ladakh. Out of all popular trekking destinations in North India, this one is the most unique trek.
Duration of Trek – 5 Days
How to Reach Chadar Trek – The most comfortable way of reaching Ladakh is by Air. Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport of Leh is the main airport in Ladakh and is connected by major cities of India. Although, the most adventurous way to reach Ladakh is by road. You can take a bus from Delhi or also plan a bike trip. Click here to check the bus routes to Leh Ladakh.

North India has an abundance of treks to satisfy the trekker in you. Whether you are a beginner or expertise, the land has something to offer to everyone. Plan a trekking trip in North India to taste the adventure.

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