10 Baahubali Traits of a Responsible Bus Traveller

There’s one movie that has left a great impact on our lives in recent times. Baahubali. The multi starrer epic has taught us several lessons of empathy, care and taking everyone along and most importantly respect. Here are a few lessons that AbhiBus and its family of responsible travelers share to make the society a better place (to travel at least).

1.Reserve Seats for women – Baahubali’s first trait is that he has the highest level of respect for women of all ages. Respect the seats reserved for women and for other members of the society who needs that seat more than you do. Abiding to even the smallest of such details can bring about the difference we wish to see ourselves in the society. To ensure that women feel safe while travelling such acts of chivalry are a step towards a safe travel for women.

2.Let other evacuate first – Baahubali does not block other’s way, whether it’s a bus stop or a train station, when the doors to a vehicle slide open always let the passengers inside exit first before attempting to board yourself. Stand on either side of the doors to let passengers exit – do not block their way and do not forcefully attempt to board the vehicle until everyone that needs to get off has done so.

3.Keep your music to yourself – Baahubali loves music but advices that everyone should use their earplugs/ headphones to enjoy music. Playing loud music on speakers can be rude to other passengers. On the same time do not have loud conversations, talk softly. Not just with your friends and fellow passengers, but this also means no loud conversations on your mobile phone. Set your phone onto vibrate if possible. Be considerate of other passengers.

4.Don’t litter – Baahubali likes to keep its surroundings clean, we have seen who picks up empty chip’s packets, polythene bags and sets a high standard for youngsters while travelling. Whenever you travel in a bus or a train make sure that whatever you bring onto public transit also leaves with you as you exit. Bring your trash with you and dispose of it properly into a trash can or recycling bin.

5.Abstain from bringing anything onboard that occupies a lot of space – Baahubali is smart and always uses the luggage boot/ coach for the heavy luggage and keeps only necessary handbag with him while onboarding a public transit. Excessive bags that take up multiple seats and/or significant aisle room is highly discouraged as it prevents others from being able to sit or even board a vehicle during busy peak times.

6. Always cover your mouth while sneezing & coughing – Baahubali always keeps his handkerchief with him and advices you to do the same as well, especially while travelling. Also, maintain distance from the people who are sneezing & coughing. With the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus, it is highly recommended to follow social distancing practice for your own and other’s safety while travelling.

7.Do not vandalize any transit property – Baahubali respects the space he is using. Everything from spitting in public places, scratching windows, destroying seats, graffiti, and even peeling off information and directional stickers with your fidgety fingers.

8.Leave the seat clean for the next user – Baahubali knows that there will be other people after him who will be using the seat immediately after he leaves and hence it is very important to leave the seat clean for another user. We understand Non-A/C bus rides can get sweaty, especially in India’s hot weather. This may lead up to leaving that sweaty patch on the seat when you leave. Make sure you wipe it when you leave for your drop point.

9.Be civil with other passengers – Baahubali uses force when required, you are strong, powerful and accomplished. But others may not be so it is advisable that you should not push or be rude to your fellow passengers. A small act of chivalry can make the whole travel experience smooth for everyone. Your graceful gesture is contagious. Many people will follow you and the society will become a better place

10.Respect your bus driver and other transit staff – Baahubali is who he is because he respects his fellow human beings. The driver and other transit staff are there to service you. It is highly recommended to be polite and cooperative for a better travel experience for everyone. Also, refrain from carrying out long questions or even entire social conversations with a bus driver if it means holding up a bus from moving.

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