10 Most Beautiful Beaches In India

What is it about beaches that attract most of the human population ? After all it is just sand, water and if lucky, some trees. But more than these physical features, I think it is the sensation of complete calm and peace when staring out into the vast sea with the waves gently lashing in a rythymic pattern against the shore, the sense of being out in the open and being able to just breathe……….the feeling of complete dreaminess that one experiences when staring around you and seeing nothing but water and sand as far as the eyes can see (hopefully, no dirt and numerous people too)! And if the beach in itself is clean, picturesque and free from humungous crowds of people, it indeed feels like your own private island. Availability of some delectable food close by and a bit of entertainment sometimes by way of some live music or water sports and one is in heaven! What more could one ask for when trying to escape from the manic, bustling, chaotic city life?

So, here we have tried to list just 10 beaches (in no particular order) in India that are comparatively beautiful, idyllic and yet fun to include in your vacation.

1 – Ganpatiphule, Maharashtra

Ganpatiphule Beach MaharashtraLocated in the tiny coastal town of Ganpatiphule, this unspoiled and less exploited beach is one of the most spectacular ones on the Konkan coast. A clean, rocky beach with fine silvery white sand, Ganpatiphule beach is distinctive for the lagoon it houses, hence making it ideal for swimming. The view from the top of a small cliff at the end is captivating. Cashew, mango and coconut trees can be seen lined along the beach making the view all the more picturesque. Ganpatiphule is also famous for the Swayambhu Ganesh temple where Lord Ganesh’s statue is believed to have originated from the ground and is visited by many tourists who make it a point to pay their respect to this great deity whenever they visit this beach.

Ganapatipule is also connected with other cities by state transport buses. Buses are available from major cities like Pune, Sangli, Kolhapur and Solapur, Mumbai to Ratnagiri. From Ratnagiri, private cabs also ply to the town. There are MSRTC buses from Mumbai, Pimpri-Chinchawad, Pune, Swarget (Pune), Miraj, Solapur, Chiplun, Sawantwadi, and Panjim. Private buses ply between Mumbai / Pune to Ganpatipule via Ratnagiri. Abhibus has bus services from Mumbai to Ganpatiphule too.

2 – Arambol Beach, North Goa

Arambol Beach North GoaThis cove like beach, located 50 km north of Panaji, is a traditional fisherman village with a distinct bohemian (carefree, relaxed, unconventional) feel which attracts many international tourists and unusual travellers. A long unexplored beach surrounded by cliffs on two sides, with a fresh water lake and lively markets nearby, Arambol is considered to be one of the best beaches in Goa. A short walk to the north takes you to several attractive bays, the most famous among which is the sweet water lake at Paliem Beach (also referred to as Kalacha). This lake is fed by hot springs and lined with sulphurous mud which is believed to be have healing properties and is a favorite among the hippie crowd who take mud baths here. Beyond the lake, is a spectacular Banyan Tree with a stone sculpture at it’s base created by a famous artist which has become an attraction in its own right.

Visitors love the fact that this beach is largely untouched and serene with just a few basic guesthouses and shacks on the shoreline and no large resorts or hotels. One can enjoy simple activities like swimming, sun basking, beach walking, dolphin watching boat trips etc without being interrupted. You can also indulge in alternative therapies such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, and reiki. The more adventurous can get their thrill from kite-surfing and paragliding activity off the cliffs that surround the beach. One can also find some good cafes along the beach side, which offer tasty delicacies from Goa, other Indian states and Italy and the nights are made entertaining with live music and jam sessions. The street leading to the beach is crammed with boutiques selling some unique and wonderful array of knick-knacks, clothes, junk jewellery and handicrafts.

Abhibus offers you bus services to Goa from Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai etc.!

3 – Palolem Beach, South Goa

Palolem Beach South GoaThe alluring and picturesque Palolem Beach of South Goa is undoubtedly the state’s most beautiful beach. Bounded by a thick forest of coconut palms, this semi-circle shaped beach of clear sea blue water stretches across miles and is mostly scattered with beach shacks, boats, fish nets and a variety of flora. The cool and shady environment of the beach attracts a diverse set of tourists along different stretches. The tranquil and unspoiled northern stretch is sought out by tourists who want to just lie back and enjoy the serene surroundings, the activity driven and crowded beach centre is for families and backpackers, while the south-zone is best for the party-goers and hippies. Besides this, people can indulge in dolphin spotting, fishing, boat riding, shopping, and massaging activities at Palolem Beach.

4 – Tarkarli Beach, Maharashtra

Tarkarli Beach MaharashtraRelatively untouched by commercialism, Tarkarli beach made up of white, talcum powder like fine sand, makes it an ideal choice for a great holiday weekend. It could definitely be rated as one of the most beautiful beaches found along the Konkan. The pristine white beaches covered with suru trees are a perfect place to relax, take in the beauty of nature and relish some amazing Malvani food. One can enjoy long walks along the beachfront or revisit history by checking out the Maratha bastion and forts. If lucky enough, you might spot Dolphins too. The area around Tarkarli beach, in southern Maharashtra, has one of the best coral reefs in India. Since this place has only recently been more frequented by tourists, the beach still retains a village feel complete with homestay accommodations right on the beach. Locals can often be seen unhurriedly riding bicycles or walking to get around. Tarkarli is also famous for being the official destination of the only scuba diving training centre in Maharashtra.

The fastest and safest way to travel to Tarkarli is to take a flight to the Chipi Airport 17kms away and from there you hire a cab or take a bus to Tarkarli. The closest railway station to Tarkarli is the Sawantwadi Railway which is 39kms away and from there you again hire a cab or take a bus to Tarkarli. Tarkarli is also well-connected to other cities by road if you have decided on a Tarkarli trip by bus.

5 – Madban Beach, Maharashtra

Madban Beach MaharashtraMadban beach near Devgad City, Maharashtra is adjudged as the most popular beach in Maharashtra and enjoys a cool temperature all through the year. This beach is known for its calm, unpolluted bluish waters, lush greenery and white soft sand. Visitors can relax on the shores of the beach and enjoy sun bathing along with the picturesque view of numerous coconut trees and palm plantations along with mango groves which adds to the beauty of this idyllic beach destination. Nature enthusiasts will further be overjoyed with the various aquatic species and migratory birds that can be seen at this beach. Sunset is the best view which can be enjoyed by tourists. Furthermore this pristine beach provides various outdoor water sports such as snorkelling, diving, water surfing and skiing.

There is no railway station near to Madban in less than 10 km. Ratnagiri Rail Way Station (near to Ratnagiri) are the Rail way stations reachable from near by towns. Rajapur , Ratnagiri are the nearby by towns to Madban having road connectivity to Madban.

6 – Radhanagar Beach, Andaman Islands

Radhanagar Beach Andaman IslandsThe Andaman and Nicobar Islands are best known for its spectacular surroundings and untouched natural beauty. With some of the finest beaches of the country within its fold, the Andaman Islands offer some picturesque beaches which are ideal for sea-bathing and sun-basking. One such beach, which has also once been voted Asia’s Best Beach by TIME Magazine, is the Radhanagar Beach situated on Havelock Island in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, located across the Bay of Bengal. It is well known for its calm, still water, fine white sand, clean surroundings and vibrant coral reefs. The most popular tourist attraction of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, this exotic beach with it’s deep blue water, peace and serenity is off limits for adventure lovers as no water sports are allowed here and even swimming is permitted between certain hours only. Radhanagar Beach is not a huge island to explore but it is a great place to spend some quality time with family and friends.

The island can be reached from Port Blair by government-operated ferries and private cruises.There are also helicopter services. A local bus connects the jetty and villages on an hourly circuit.

7 – Gokarna Beach, Karnataka

Gokarna Beach KarnatakaGokarna in Karnataka is situated 190 kilometres south of Goa and is a vast change of scene from Goa’s fast pace! Famous for the Mahabaleshwar temple and its immaculate beaches, Gokarna Beach is generally visited by people who go on a pilgrimage or temple sight-seeing, since it is very closely located to the Hindu temples in this area but yet one can incorporate fun on the beach into this trip. The palm clad beach is more strewn with foreign tourists than Indians. Full of coconut and palm trees, the ocean and clean sands, Gokarna is ‘different’ in its own way and not plagued by tourists. Om Beach, Paradise Beach and Half-Moon Beach are the other famous ones, which have both fine sand and rocky coasts mostly untouched by commercial activities. The beaches are meant for a slow, relaxed holiday and the pace on the beach is slow and laid.

Gokarna is well-connected by road with the nearby cities. You can find direct buses from the nearest cities Goa, Bangalore, Mangalore and direct buses are also available from Delhi to Gokarna.

8 – Marari Beach, Kerala

Marari Beach KeralaThe name Marari is shortened from Mararikulam, a small and sleepy fisherman’s village. This little-known quiet and undeveloped beach, not far from Alleppey in Kerala, is ideal for anyone who’s exploring the Kerala backwaters and feels like spending some time at the beach as well. Marari isn’t a tourist beach but rather a peaceful place to relax and unwind. Those who visit Marari look forward to the slow pace of life, and soaking up the serenity and tranquility on the deserted sandy beaches. One shouldn’t expect a host of holiday activities like surfboarding or beach parties etc…..because this beach with rich vegetation has not yet been exploited on that front and actually lets you retreat from the mad hectic pace of the real urban world.

The nearest train station is in Alleppey, about 30 minutes away. Alternatively, the nearest airport is in Kochi. One can book bus tickets online at www.abhibus.com from Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru to Kochi and from Ernakulam to Alleppey.

9 – Gopalpur, Orissa

Gopalpur Beach OrissaOne of India’s most sought after beaches, Gopalpur beach with a distinct charm of its own, is barely 16 km away from Brahmapur, the commercial hub of southern Odisha and close to the border of Andhra Pradesh, in Gopalpur town on the Bay of Bengal. This languorous beach with coconut groves, casuarinas and gentle sand dunes is deserted for miles during the day, except for when the fishermen come back to shores in the afternoon with their fishes caught during the morning hour and the women load them in large “tokris” (baskets) and carry them away for selling off in local markets. In the evening many people from Brahmapur drive in to Gopalpur on sea to have a peaceful time sitting on the sea shore. This popular beach with golden sand and a gentle slope, makes it ideal for swimming and sunbathing. The east facing beach offers the most magnificent views of the sunrise that any photographer can dream of! Bhubaneswar (180 km) is the nearest airport from where one can take flights for major cities like Delhi and Calcutta.

10 – Varkala Beach, Kerala

Varkala Beach KeralaCounted as one of the top ten seasonal beaches in the world by Discovery channel, this beach has a stunning view of beautiful landscapes, brown sand, and sea. The spectacular Varkala beach is located in the south of Kerala at the north end border of the district Trivandrum. The setting of this beach is striking enough to take your breath away, with a long paved stretch of cliff, bordered by shacks and views that extend over the Arabian Sea. It’s an excellent place to rest and rejuvenate, with yoga and Ayurveda being popular there. This beach is very famous for spa, mineral springs and ayurvedic centers, offering the best treatments and therapies. Popular for several beach activities like swimming, sunbathing, wind surfing, parasailing, and soaking in the beauty of this calm beach locale, it also offers a striking view of the sunset.

Trivandrum International Airport is the nearest airport, which is at the distance 51 Km from the destination. Varkala Railway Station is the nearest railhead that is 3 km away from Varkala and the Varkala Bus Station is well connected to all major cities of India. Varkala is just 47 km away from the NH 47. Though, this place is connected with all cities and towns, but if you wish you can avail bus from Kochi and Trivandrum to reach the destination.

Abhibus offers bus services from from Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai to Kochi and from Ernakulam, Alleppey, Chennai etc to Trivandrum.



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